How To Increase Passion After Sex

How To Increase Passion After Sex

How To Increase Passion After Sex - Sex Tips For Men & What to Do After Having SexSex studies have proved that man would be induced to sleep after sex and women would wake up after sex. This article focuses on practical tips for male to increase the passion after sex.


You should not roll over immediately after sex and you should make your partner place legs over you and tight you closer to her chest. That would delay the process of jumping out faster after sex.

You should be helping your partner to wear her dresses back after sex and urge her to help with your dresses. That would send a passionate signal to your brain making you to embrace her stronger after sex.

You should be indulging a good game of footie after you have dressed your partner. You should start by running your foot up the calf of your partner by concentrating on inside of leg first and then on outside of leg. You should be using bare feet for this act .Then you can start tickling her laps using bare feet and will drive you and your partner wild after sex.

You should be lying on her lap and looking at her eyes start kissing her hands and start licking each of her fingers. That will drive her wild after sex and you will get all pampering afterwards.

You should initiate a hot bath with your partner after sex. You should be willing to massage her fully and kissing her neck portion and encourage her to do the same with you and will lead to feeling of closeness after sex.

Play a sensual music after sex and listening to it would raise the passion once again. Then start massaging her hands and wrists slowly and move forward to chest by concentrating on arms and shoulders. Then you should suddenly switch positions and start massaging her feet and ankles and slowly move forward to legs and thighs. This sensual massage after sex would give you emotional attachment and also make sure that your partner gives you a sensual massage after sex.

You can pour honey over her thighs after sex and start licking it from her in any manner you like. You can also feed her strawberry or chocolate and try biting it from her mouth and that would help you stay awake after sex.

You should turn off all lights that remain in room after sex and you should use a flashlight to guide yourself to her areas like back side of neck and start licking her there and then you can guide yourselves to sensitive areas.

Indulge in the most erotic sensual talk after sex by placing her close to your body. You should shed all inhibitions and discuss your sexual fantasies and whatever that comes to your mind after sex.Speak softly inside her ear after sex like, “I loved your dress today. You looked sexy in it”. Then using your tongue tip, flick inside the ear and take her ear lobe gently between your teeth and suck gently. This after sex move will be appreciated by her very much.


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