How to Introduce a New Cat to a Dog

How to Introduce a New Cat to a Dog

How to Introduce a New Cat to a Dog - Introducing Cat to a Dog - Steps to to Introduce a New Cat to a Dog | Tips on - Find TipsDogs normally like to chase the cats and also the cats are scared of dogs and will act in a defensive manner. If your dog is not familiar with the cats then it may create more problems. If your dog is a puppy and the new cat is also a kitten then the introduction will be little easier.

Sometimes adult female dogs may accept kittens as their own but they may be aggressive with the adult cats. Patience and time is a must to ensure harmony between the dog and the cat. Here are some steps that make the introduction easier.

1. Keep your new cat in a safe room that should be well equipped with litter box, food, water, bed, blanket etc. It must be a safe place for the cat to hide from the dog in case of emergency. This will help the cat to get accustomed with a small part of the new house and the dog will also realize that there is a cat in the home.

2. Take the dog nearer to the cat’s room and let him know about the cat and its smell. Make sure that the door of the cat’s room is closed. Appreciate your dog for his good behavior and at the same time discourage the bad behaviors.

3. Exchange the blanket of the cat and the dog and let them get accustomed to the smell of the new companion.

4. Once your dog loose his agitation towards the cat and when the cat become intimate to the new place and the owner then let them sit in the same room. It requires strict supervision. Its better to start with two people, one with the dog and the other with the cat and make them sit in face to face but remember to keep a distance. If they are comfortable and happy then reduce the distance between the too and lastly make them sit side by side. Never forget to appreciate them every time when they show good behavior.

5. When the cat and dog are comfortable in sitting together then let them interact freely and watch them. If there is any sign of fight then you must be prepared to separate them.

6. If they are interacting freely then let them move together with out any supervision. But leave the cat’s room open always so that it can hide from the dog if necessary.

With time they may become friends.

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