How To keep Brain Active

How To keep Brain Active

How To keep Brain Active - Keep Your Brain Active - Supplements For Over Active Brain - keeping The Brain Active - Active Brain Hemispheres » How to keep your brain activeDo you find it hard to remember what you eat last night? Questions like-“what you were wearing yesterday?” “When is your boyfriend’s birthday?” takes more than five minutes to answer, then believe me that your central processing unit really needs extra special care. Here are some easy ways that can really help you to keep your brain in active mode 24*7.

Eat the right food
As your brain is always working on something or the other, you need to give it a special treat. Enrich it with right balance of nutrients. Restrict the intake of foodstuffs that are high in fats and cholesterol. This is because such foods make your brain sluggish. Feed yourself with vegetables like broccoli, beet, spinach and high antioxidant fruits like plums, strawberries, oranges, grapes as they are good brain foods. Make sure you include fistful of mixed nuts like walnuts and almonds in your breakfast. Remember that nuts are rich in vitamin E that keeps your brain healthier. Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids in forms of fishes like salmon and sardines as it is known to improve memory. Avoid alcohol as well as tobacco from your eating habits as much as possible.

Check your weight:
We all know that obesity is a silent killer but may of us don’t know that excess weight can also cause brain drain. It has been proved that people who are obese are twice likely suffers from impaired memory in their later life stages. So, make sure you keep your weight under control levels. For this purpose, take a good healthy diet; follow a daily exercising routine that fits your body. Also, avoid stress taking a toll on your life, as it does affect your body weight in some way or the other.

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