How to Keep Food Safe in the Summer

How to Keep Food Safe in the Summer

How to Keep Food Safe in the Summer - Tips on keeping Food Safe - Best Way Food Store - Prevent Food Poisoning » How to Keep Food Safe in SummersHave you ever wondered why the rate of stomach infections increases in summers? This is because during summers, there are greater incidents of food borne illnesses.

Food poisoning is common in summers and can lead to problems like vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever amongst others. This article will provide you helpful ways by which you can keep your food safe and healthy during summers.

Food tends to get spoilt faster in summers. It is thus necessary to store it properly. First of all, always look at the manufacturing and expiry date of food items before buying them.

Prepare only that much of food that can be consumed in a day. Eating stale food should be strictly avoided during summers.

If you have left over food, then you must store it properly in a refrigerator. During summers, you should increase the cooling of the refrigerator to prevent your stored food from getting spoilt. Also, you must not open your fridge frequently as that can affect its cooling system.

You should take special care of dairy products. Products like milk, cheese, and yogurt should be properly stored in a refrigerator.

Before you store your food, you must ensure that your hands are clean and dry. Also, ensure that the utensils in which you are storing your food are thoroughly clean and disinfected.This will help in preventing infections.

Usually, many of us take out frozen foods from the freezer; and keep it in room temperature for some time before cooking it. However, to be on a safer side, you should remove the frozen food from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator and allow it to defrost in the fridge itself. You should properly defrost food items like meat and then cook it.

Along with the above given tips, you should ensure that you thoroughly cook all your food before consuming it. Getting food items like soups to a boil is a safe option.

Follow the above given tips to ensure that you consume safe and healthy food and avoid food borne ailments.

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