How To Keep Health Problems At Bay

How To Keep Health Problems At Bay

How To Keep Health Problems At Bay - Swollen Fingers Tips - Chronic Lung Disease Signal » How to keep health problems at bay- check out!Hey people, do you know that undoubtedly by keeping check on small things, you can keep the health problems at bay in long run. Just check out the following things in your body and keep yourself in hearty condition.

Remember if you are above 40, you are more prone to high cholesterol. Check your upper lids for tiny yellowish bumps clustered together. These could be cholesterol deposits.

A rash that is shaped like a tiny little butterfly at the bridge of your nose is a sign of a connective tissue disease or lupus. This is a multi-organ disease that can affect your vital organs. It can strike at any age, but females are more prone to it than males. Refer a dermatologist who can recommend a blood test to make a diagnosis.

If you notice a discoloration, about two shades lighter than your normal lip color around the angles of your mouth, then you could be suffering from vitamin B deficiency.

Check is the tips of your fingers swollen? Mind it that this is medically referred as ‘clubbing of fingers’. It could signal chronic lung disorder.

Do you have depressions smack in the middle of your nails? It could signal iron deficiency. Simple blood test can detect it and supplements, taken on regular basis can take care of the problem.

If you have flattish rash on the inner side of your leg, above the ankle, it could signal thyroid problem. And contrary to popular belief, men are prone to it too. It can strike at any age. Simple blood test can help in detecting it.

If you are visiting the toilet frequently, especially after dark, test yourself for diabetes. Remember that diabetes affects a host of organs and all it takes to detect it is a simple blood test.

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