How to Keep Kids Safe around Water

How to Keep Kids Safe around Water

How to Keep Kids Safe around Water - Tips to Keep Children Safe around Water - Tips for Teaching your Child to Swim - Tips for Child Proofing the Bathroom | Tips on - Find TipsWater can be a great danger for small, young children, especially when the water is standing still. Unsupervised children run the risk of drowning in standing water. Parents need to keep a close watch on their children when they are in or around water. Parents should join their children when they are using standing water. The following tips will help parents keep their children safe around water.

Parents can help their children stay safe around water by teaching them to swim at an early age. When parents take a young child swimming they must make sure that a lifeguard is on hand. They should attach flotation devices to children whether they are in or out of the water. They should not bring the child into water that rises higher than their chest. Children should swim in clean, safe water such as a pool. While teaching your child how to swim, also teach them about water safety and what to do in the case of an emergency. Parents need to keep their children near them at all times when they are at the pool or beach.

Parents need to child proof their bathrooms once their child is old enough to crawl, walk and get around on their own. Keep the bathroom door closed. There are special safety latches that can be attached to the toilet to keep the toilet lid down so a child does not fall face forward into the water. When bathing a child, do not leave them for any reason; even if the phone rings. Refrain from multi-tasking while you are bathing your child. Start the tub off with cool water and gradually add hot water. Fill the tub up just enough to cover their legs. There are specially designed bath seats for babies and young children. Once your child is finished taking a bath, make sure all of the water is out of the bathtub before walking away from it. Make sure that all electrical appliances that are normally found in the bathroom are safely put away from sinks, tubs and toilets.

Keep your children away from faucets and hot water heaters where they can risk burning themselves. Make sure that pots and pans on the stove that are filled with hot water are out of their reach. Anytime you fill a container, like a bucket, with water, make sure it is kept out of the child’s reach and is completely emptied and stored upside down when you are done using them.

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