How to Keep Nail Polish From Chipping

How to Keep Nail Polish From Chipping

How to Keep Nail Polish From Chipping - Tips to Keep Your Nails Beautiful - How to Prevent Nail Polish from Chipping? | Tips on - Find TipsNail polishes enhance the beauty of your nails and protect them from chipping. Choose the colors of your nails carefully. In order to give an interesting look to your nails you can also apply nail tattoo. It is very hard to bear when your nail polish is chipped in no time after you devote hours to wear it perfectly.

Here are some tips that you can apply to stop your polishes from chipping early and easily.

Clean your nails: First, you need to clean your nails very well. You can go for a manicure from a beauty parlor or even clean it at home. Clean your nails with some mild shampoo and lemon juice. Take a brush and clean the corners and inside parts of your nail.

File your Nails: Take a filer and file you nail well. Bring it to the desired shape. You can use a nail cutter to chip off the extra and unshaped parts of your nails.

Remove Previous Polish: If there are remnants of polish that you have applied earlier use a good nail polish remover to remove the polish properly. Even if the nails are polish free, it is good to apply a polish remover before wearing your nail color. This will prevent chipping of your nail polish which can be other caused due to natural oil on your nail surface.

Base Coat: It is a good practice to apply a base coat on your nails before you apply the color. Make sure you apply the base coat from end to end giving it a complete covering effect.

Applying Color Coats: Instead of applying two thick coats, it is better to apply three to four thin coats. Apply the polish end-to-end filing up the edges. This will help the color stay longer, make your nails more shiny, will take lesser time to dry and will cause fewer bubbles brewing up on your nail surfaces.

Choose Shimmery Colors: Shimmery colors are both attractive and long lasting. The small shinning particles will cling to the nail surface and will stick to it for a longer period.

Top Coat: Apply a shinning and transparent top polish as a top coat that will enhance the life of your polish and will make it look more attractive. This will act as an extra sealing against chipping.

Drying Time: Allow proper time to dry. Blow your nails softly. Avoid using your hands for the next thirty minutes. After this dip your nails in cold water and hold it still for some time.

Moisturizing: After the above process, apply a good moisturizer on your nails to get the best effects.

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