How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summers

How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summers

How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summers - Tricks To Keep Your House Cool During Summer » How to keep your home cool during summersWith the coming of April month, you know that summer is upon you and your little home will turn into a grill.

Undoubtedly this is the time of the year when hot, heavy, heady months of absolute discomfort make you seek solace in the AC confines of your home, malls and workplace. But it is equally true that most of us cannot afford living in air –conditioned comfort 24/7. Isn’t it? So don’t fret, read out some other effective and easy tricks mentioned in the article below to keep your home cool during this summer season.

Open and close the windows according to the change in temperature. During the day time, close the sun- facing windows. During the evening, open doors and windows to allow ventilation. Early morning is a good time to let some fresh oxygen into your home.

Reduce indoor humidity by minimizing mid- day washing, showering and cooking. Switch on the exhaust fans to help extract moist air. Unless you absolutely need them, turn off lights and heat-generating appliances.

Place small earthen pots filled with mud on your rooftop. These can eat away a substantial amount of heat.

Indoor plants also help in bringing down the temperature inside the house.

Install heat-reflecting sheets on indoors. These reduce glare and UV rays and cool the house by 2-3 degree Celsius.

Grow creepers on the exterior walls of your house. Air pockets between the wall and the creepers act as insulators.

Put double layer of clay on the roof and paint it with slaked lime water. Then, line your room ceiling with Styrofoam to reduce the indoor temperature by 6-7 degree Celsius.

Install lattices for easy ventilation.

Keep the roof and walls clear of dirt the whiter the surface, the better it reflects heat.

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