How To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong » Steps for Growing Fingernails Stronger

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong » Steps for Growing Fingernails Stronger

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong » Steps for Growing Fingernails StrongerNails are considered as important for being attractive and beautiful. It has been often found that women are no as careful about their nails as they are about their face. As a result, fingernails often remain neglected. If nails are not strong and healthy, looks of fingers are greatly destroyed.

Nails are composed for protein called as keratin. Nails grow from base under the cuticle. Old cells, which become hard with time, are pushed out and are replaced by new cells. This is an ongoing process and thus, nails have to be trimmed regularly. Strong nails have been described as nails that are smooth and without grooves.

Stronger nails do not contain any spots and are uniform in consistency as well as color. As age increases, vertical ridges appear on nails, which indicate that they are not as strong as they used to be. Though unhealthy nails hint at certain sorts of illnesses, there are some steps that can be taken for ensuring that nails are growing strong and healthy.

Steps for Growing Fingernails Stronger

Steps for growing nails stronger are easy. First of all, a person must drink ample quantities of water for ensuring strong nails. This is because drinking large quantities of water helps in making the nails grow healthy and strong. Water prevents fingernails from becoming brittle and keeps body hydrated. Drinking large quantities of water is also good for skin as well as hairs. Similarly, hand moisturizer should be applied to hands regularly, especially after washing hands.

Many estheticians believe that applying hand moisturizer before going to bed keeps hands and fingernails soft and moisturized. Thus, fingernails do not become brittle or dry. It is to be understood that strong fingernails are never dry. It is better if moisturizer containing vitamin E oil is applied, as it helps in repairing damaged cuticles and in keeping the fingernail bed perfect.

In market, nail creams are also available. These products have been designed specially for nails and moisturize them perfectly. Even hand creams can also be applied for moisturizing fingernails. While applying these products, it must be ensured that they are completely covered. Some people also soak their hands in olive oil for keeping the nails moisturized and healthy.

Vitamins are also considered as essential for having stronger fingernails. There are many food substances that contain vitamins and other essential nutrias. For example, fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins. In the presence of vitamins, fingernails grow stronger from within and do not break easily. Vitamin D and calcium are considered as most important for having healthy and strong fingernails. Non-fat milk and yogurt are two products that offer ample quantities of calcium. Calcium is also required for having strong teeth and hair. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body during certain processes. For a safer side, a multi-vitamin supplement can be consumed daily.

There are some acts like dish and cloth washing that harm fingernails by ripping moisture. Thus, for preventing same, a cotton lined rubber glove can be worn. This would provide all the needed protection, especially to women who have to use dish washing liquid very often.

How To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong » Steps for Growing Fingernails Stronger

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For ensuring stronger fingernails, it is also necessary that proper care of these is taken. For example, filing of fingernails must be done regularly, as properly filed and shaped fingernails grow strong and healthy. For shaping nails, emery board can be used. Nails are always filed in one direction only, as filing back and forth can result in breaking and cracking of fingernail. If fingernails are already breaking, a fingernail clipper can be used. If possible, damaged part of nail should be cut. Nails should be trimmed straight across.

If there are any thickened areas, these must be filed down. Massaging of nails is equally important for ensuring stronger fingernails. Many people feel that nails do not need any massage. However, it is not so. By massaging the fingernails, blood flow in nails is increased, which is helpful in making them stronger and healthier. Many times, acrylic nails are used for increasing beauty of hands. However, such acts should be avoided as it makes the fingernails weak. Also, apart from being expensive, acrylic nails require more maintenance.

In no case, fingernails should be abused. It has been seen that many people use their fingernails as tools for picking, poking or prying things. This should not be done as it damages nails severely. In the same manner, fingernails must not be bitten with teeth. Many people have nail-biting habit, which must be checked immediately.

Nail biting habit often leads to cracks alongside the nails and as a result, fungi and bacteria enter nail bed. This leads to infection of nails, which is called as paronychia. Due to infection, nails become weak. Picking of cuticle should also be avoided.

Like other body parts, fingernails should also be kept cleaned and dried. This prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from thriving under the nails. After bathing, hands and feet should be dried with towel or hot air. If fingernails are exposed to water for extended hours due to any reason, rubber gloves should be worn.

Due to many reasons, hangnails are resulted. It has been found that hangnails are often pulled off immediately for preventing further cut. This is not a good practice and can damage the fingernails severely. In some cases, tissue is also ripped off, which causes a lot of pain. Rather, hangnails should be clipped off.

Many people go for manicure for making their hands look beautiful. Though it is good practice, it should be ensured that cuticles are not removed during the process, as it can lead to infection of nails. It should also be ensured that all tools used by nail technician have been sterilized properly. This prevents infection from occurring.

For preventing the fingernails from splitting and breaking, nails should be kept short. They should be square shaped with slight rounding on the top. Fingernails should be trimmed after taking bath or after soaking hands in bath oil for fifteen minutes. After cutting, moisturizer should be applied.

Nail hardener can be applied for making the nails strong but products containing formaldehyde and toluene sulfonamide should be avoided. Applying thin coat of nail polish is desirable, as it preserves moisture.

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