How To Know If You Are Ready For Sex

How To Know If You Are Ready For Sex

How To Know If You Are Ready For Sex - Am I Ready For Sex - Am I Emotionally Ready for Sex - Am I Prepared For Sex | Tips on - Find TipsFirst time sex for someone is as much a matter of interest and curiosity. There are many thing attached to it such as the state of your emotions and that of your partner. Are you both prepared to take the first step? More than a personal choice, sometimes one’s upbringing, knowledge about sex and religious stance goes a long way to determine one’s preparedness.

Ask yourself these questions before deciding if you are ready or not.

- Are you a teenager? If yes, then do not read further. Drop your plans now and wait till you become an adult. Your body is not ready yet!

- Are you in love with your partner or is it just a one time fling to get your hormones out?

- Are you emotionally ready for sex? This means that are you the person behind this decision or do you feel like having sex because all you friends are having sex?

- How much do you know about contraceptives?

- How much are you familiar with Sexually Transmitted Diseases like gonorrhea, PIDs?

- Do you know the consequences of unsafe sex?

- What does your family think about sex? Are they the conservative types or the modern types? Or from where did you get to know about sex- your family or from outside sources?

- What are your religious inclinations? Would you feel guilty if you engage in sex? In the beginning, many girls and boys deny this owing to the excitement they feel, but later some of them really get disappointed.

- What will you do if you inadvertently become pregnant? How much can you truly trust your partner that he will not dump you in moments of crisis?

- How do you think your first experience will turn out? Is this the first time for both of you? Then you need to extra careful.

- How do you think sex will change the course of your relationship? Will it improve or go awry?

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