How To Know What Women Want » The Best Ways To Know What Women Want

How To Know What Women Want » The Best Ways To Know What Women Want

How To Know What Women Want » The Best Ways To Know What Women WantIt is really difficult to work out what is going on inside a woman’s head or find out what is it that she actually wants. And unless you are a real veteran at understanding all the different moods of a single woman, you must be riding the same boat.

The mystery about what is inside a woman’s head has puzzled many over the centuries and nobody is even near to solving the mystery. The most basic reason of why men fail to understand women is very simple; it is because both are completely different both emotionally as well as physically.

A woman’s reactions to a certain situation could be completely opposite to how a man reacts to it and this basic difference is what has puzzled men across the centuries.

In order to understand women and their hundred different whims, you will need to step out from a man’s mental state of mind and start thinking from a woman’s perspective, which is again a difficult but not an impossible task. There are some ground rules to understand what your woman wants from you without going crazy and applying a few of this will help you to maintain a better relationship.

Don’t Always Think From The Head

Studies have proven that a man uses the practical side of the brain far more than a woman does and hence they are more used to making unemotional and practical decisions.

Relationship for a man holds a different meaning than what it does for a woman. A man expects the relationship to work on its own whereas a woman needs constant reassurance that it is working. This is where a man’s emotional side needs to kick in and his practical side needs to take a step back.

A Woman Needs Affection

Affectionate touches and hugs are as important for a woman as sex is to a man. There are times when a man feels the need to be isolated in his own space and the same way a woman needs a hug without any special reason. Women are very physical beings and they like to be cuddled and cosseted often.

It might be because of the basic physical difference between a man and a woman which makes them feel secure and protected when they are being held or touched. Whatever the reason might be an affectionate hug now and then is what makes a woman happy.

A Woman Needs Understanding

It is ironic that a woman who is so difficult to be fathomed, needs just that, to be understood. She expects her mate to understand all her needs without even telling them; which sounds sinister. But it is actually easier to do that it sounds, all you need is to find out her pleasures and dislikes and make sure to keep them always in mind.

How To Know What Women Want » The Best Ways To Know What Women Want

She needs a man who is sensitive to her needs and doesn’t put down her wants as something silly. At the same time you should not be overtly emotional, i.e. a display of tears at the drop of a hat is not what a woman looks for in a man.

A Woman Wants To Be Exclusive

This is a mantra which probably holds true for women across the universe. They hate competition and want their men to treat them like the best woman in the world. Even if you feel that the girl next door looks hot in her new skirt, it is best to keep your eyes and opinion to yourself.

A woman might tell you that she is not bothered if you flirt with other women, but in reality she will just be looking for a chance to get mad or get even. It is also best to leave old stories about cheating your ex buried in the cupboard because she might take it as a sign that you are a compulsive cheater. So, no matter what you think about other women, treating your woman as the best thing in your world will win her devotion and love.

A Woman Wants Security

The world might have made quite a progress in terms of women becoming financially and economically independent, but in their hearts there still remains a desire to be taken care of. It is not necessary that you have to be filthy rich to fulfill her needs, but giving her the sense of security in both physical and economical ways will go a long way in securing her trust.

Besides the above points there are many things that are quite common in what women across the world desire and want in their men. They need to be treated as a woman and which does not mean being treated like a piece of furniture but as a person who deserves respect, love and commitment.

She needs to be wooed and treated with affection, no matter how old your relationship is. They want a man who is confident and self-assured and able to hold their own but at the same time need their women to make them complete.

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