How to Lighten Dark Underarms

How to Lighten Dark Underarms

How to Lighten Dark Underarms - Best Ways To Lighten Dark Underarms & Home Remedies For Dark UnderarmsSummers are around the corner and it is time to take out all your sleeveless dresses, tank tops, etc. out of your cupboard. Are you embarrassed to wear such clothes because of dark underarms? Do not worry as there is no problem without a solution. Most people suffer from dark underarm problems but it is not like this problem cannot be solved.

A number of factors like shaving your underarms frequently, certain kinds of clothing, using deodorants etc. can lead to dark underarms. High levels of cholesterol and fat in the body can also lead to darkening of underarms. So in order to get rid of dark underarm problem it is very important to get to the root cause of the problem.

If you are overweight then shed those extra pounds as that could be the reason for your dark underarms. Try using perfumes instead of deodorants and use perfumes on clothes and not your body. You can also use anti-perspirants instead if deodorants as it does not darken underarms the way deodorant does. If you have the habit of shaving frequently then you will have to switch to other alternatives of hair removal. Waxing is best for removal of underarm hair. It not only removes all traces of hair but also lightens the shade of the skin. If you do not want to wax underarms then you can also try plucking the hair from your underarms. It might take a lot of time but the effects are good.

Applying few drops of lemon juice on the underarms everyday works wonders for lightening the skin tone. However refrain from using lemon juice if you just got your underarms waxed, shaved or plucked. You can also try applying cucumber juice on your underarms to lighten the skin. Raw milk and yogurt also works well in treating the problem of dark underarms.

You can also try applying a paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder on your underarms and leave it on till it dries to lighten underarms. A paste of oatmeal and milk also lightens the skin. Applying potato juice, orange juice etc. are also excellent remedies forlightening dark underarms. Try these remedies to lighten your underarms.

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