How to Look Fresh After a Hectic Day Schedule

How to Look Fresh After a Hectic Day Schedule

How to Look Fresh After a Hectic Day Schedule - Tips for Men to Look Fresh - Tips for Women to Look Fresh - Look Refreshed After a Hectic Day | Tips on - Find TipsHow do you think you can look as fresh as ever even after a hectic day? It is a tough job but not an impossible one. The whole days work pressure and stress generally leaves us tired and worn out. However, if there are some after work event that requires your presence than it is extremely essential that you should look refreshed. Here are some suggestions for you to restore the instant glow.

Tips for Men:

If you have some time in hand, take a shower. It is very refreshing after a whole day’s hectic schedule. The water will drain away all your tiredness and will help you get recharged. Try to use lukewarm water to get the best possible effects.

Sprinkle some refreshing talcum powder on your body and use a good deodorant of your choice. This will make you refreshed.

A close shave will add some extra charm to your looks.

You should definitely change your garments and wear something fresh and ironed.

Tips for women:

You should always remove the old makeup from your face before applying the fresh and new layers of makeup. Use a good cleanser and some cotton pads to remove your old makeup. After doing so always wash your face with some cold water.

In order to remove the signs of tiredness from your face and bring back the instant glow, mix some rose water or rose petal extracts to the water you are using to wash your face. Rose water will give you a refreshing feeling.

Close your eyes and lie down for sometime. Place two slices of fresh cucumber on your eye lids and close them tight. You should have at least ten to fifteen minutes time in hand to spare for this process.

Always wipe some ice cubes on your face before you apply the makeup in order to retain the effect for longer period. The effect of ice also enhances your looks and makes you feel fresh.

Always wear an effective deodorant and also a good perfume as this will add to your beauty.

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