How To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day

How To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day

How To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day - Bridal Make-Up Tips & Selecting The Right Right Bridal TrousseauWedding is the most special day in one’s life and a once in a lifetime occasion. Every girl dreams of her wedding and wants to look truly gorgeous and spectacular on this special day of her life. Looking great on the wedding day requires careful planning and effort.

Starting with a regular skin and hair care regime, you must get your trousseau and make-up planned months in advance. This will help you know what bridal wear and make-up style suits you best. This article is a detailed guide on what you must do to look absolutely fantastic on your wedding day.

It gives you insights into how to start a skin and hair care and fitness routine so that your complexion, hair and figure are flawless by the time you approach your wedding day. The article then goes on to detail key aspects of bridal make-up that will enable you looks naturally beautiful. It also provides valuable tips on bridal trousseau and what colors are in vogue. Read on to get complete information on grooming, make-up and bridal wear.

Aim to Attain Flawless Complexion, Great Hair and Great Figure

The key to looking great on your wedding day is to correct the flaws in your complexion. Start your skin-care regime at least 3-6 months in advance. A glowing complexion will help you look naturally beautiful without the help of too many cosmetics. Start by switching to a healthy diet. To attain glowing skin it is necessary that your complexion is well hydrated. Consume at least 8-10 glasses water a day to flush out toxins from your body and attain great skin.

Avoid all junk food, sweets and soda which may lead to acne break-outs besides leading to weight-gain. Switch to a diet consisting of whole grains, fruits and veggies to notice a visible difference in your complexion.

Try using home-made masks using natural fruits and veggies to correct minor blemishes and acne scars. For brides who have major skin problems, consult a good cosmetologist and start your skin-care treatment well advance before your wedding. Also, correct any flaws in your figure by joining a fitness center where an instructor will guide on how to attain the perfect figure.

Select the Right Bridal trousseau

In India weddings are associated with many rituals and functions before and after the wedding. Hence the bride needs to select the bridal attire keeping in mind the many functions. For the pre-wedding functions you can go in for a look that is slightly different from the traditional look.

If the functions are in the evening, try wearing soft pastel shades such as baby pink, lavender, peach or light green. A corset in any pastel shade with sequins work worn with an embroidered lehenga will look trendy yet graceful. A sheer sari in pastel shades with silver sequins embroidery will look fashionable and trendy too. Stick to diamond jewelry and light make-up.

For the wedding itself, it is best to stick to the traditional colors of red, orange, maroon, yellow, etc. A heavily embroidered lehenga complete with zardozi and sequin work is perfect for the wedding day. Compliment your bridal attire with the right type of jewelry. For brides wanting to wear something different for the wedding function, shades of bright pink, fuchsia or magenta will work great.

Get the Perfect Look with these Bridal Make-up tips

Your make-up is most vital when it comes to making you look gorgeous on your wedding day. Your make-up must compliment your skin-tone and your outfits. The first rule with bridal make-up is to look as natural as possible. Many brides and beauticians make the mistake of over-doing the make-up especially the foundation and concealer. This can make your make-up look cakey and artificial. Such make-up tends to look highly un-natural in photographs too. Use foundation that matches your skin tone.

Do not apply too much apply too much foundation. Instead apply a little quantity and then blend well it so that your complexion appears even and smooth. Cream or gel foundations that have a slight yellow undertone work best as these make your complexion look natural.

If you are using concealer to hide blemishes and scars, ensure that the shade matches your skin tone. Apply only little concealer on the blemishes and then blend thoroughly with the foundation. This will give your complexion a flawless look.

Blush is an important make-up accessory in your bridal make-up. For Indian skin-tones, shades of peach and corals work best. However when applying blush it is essential to apply correctly. You must apply the blush on the rounded parts of your cheeks and then work backwards to blend it with the foundation reaching up to the top part of the ears. For weddings, it is best to use cream-based blush as these give a lovely glow to your cheeks and enhance your look in photographs too.

If your bridal outfit is in pastel shades, dab a little glitter in shades of silver on your cheeks. This is only to add the glamour element to your bridal make-up and must not be over-done. If you are wearing a traditional outfit in Indian colors such as red or orange, dab a little gold or bronze glitter on the cheeks.

Indian women have gorgeous eyes and wedding is the right occasion to add more beauty to them. For the eye-shadow, you can use gold or sliver shades mixed with darker shades of maroon or burgundy. This trick works great with the traditional Indian bridal attire in colors of gold, red or orange. It is best to stick to natural eye shadow colors such as browns, tan or maroons. Avoid dramatic and un-natural shades such as lavender, pink, etc as these will not go well with the traditional Indian bridal look.

Enhance your eyes with kohl and mascara. Use an eye-lash curler to lengthen your eye-lashes and then apply a coat of the mascara. This will add a touch of drama to your bridal eye-make up. Apply a hint of gold or bronze glitter on the upper corner of your eyes near the eye-brows.

Wear lip-colors in shades of maroon, brown or gold. However, do remember that your lip color must compliment your outfit and skin-tone.

Last but not the least, radiate warmth and smile on the most special day of your life!

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