How to Look Like Brad Pitt

How to Look Like Brad Pitt

How to Look Like Brad Pitt - Ways to Look Like Brad Pitt - How to Dress Like Brad Pitt - Mr & Mrs Smith 2005 » Look Like Brad PittThis does not require you to undergo the surgeon’s knife or even wear a mask. Instead, we’ve got something really spicy lined up for all you star-crazed men out there who’ve been wondering how to get the attention that stars like Brad Pitt do. Yes, you can steal his style with our fashion tips on dressing and presenting yourself like the star that Brad is: what’s more, you can also hope to package yourself with some of his cool onscreen mannerisms after watching the movie we’ve licked this look from and who knows – perhaps some pursed lipped Angelina will come your way too after that?

For this week we have brought you the direct style guide from Brad Pitt’s 2005 flick, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” thus, the look like Brad Pitt inspiration from this movie that was awash with gore, guns, blood and lots of action stuff, is one that combines a slick yet suave look for the man who knows what he wants and how to get it!

To get the look for yourself, you need to invest in a good quality, crisp white linen shirt and the ultimate in sleek, silver-rimmed shades because you are set to play – hold your breath – an assassin! So, sophistication and simplicity for the Brad Pitt look comes your way with a Michael Kors Linen Shirt, which allows your skin to breathe even in the sultry Indian summers and still keeps you looking cool besides the lightweight, chambray fabric with conventional button front and point collar and front-flap pockets with one-button cuffs to give a neat overall slim and lean look to you.

This works especially well for men with a bit of a belly as the side slits along with 4 front pocket inclusion draws attention away from the mid-riff, giving a longer, leaner look when the top two buttons are left undone! Rolled cuffs bring you one step closer to looking like Brad Pitt; just slip on a snug-fitting pair of jeans and fling on those Christian Dior sunglasses (Brad wears Dior’s grey and black, square-shaped goggles without frames) for the ultimate aviator-like look he pulled off for the movie – and catch the ladies swooning!

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