How to Lose Weight Staying Motivated

How to Lose Weight Staying Motivated

How to Lose Weight Staying Motivated - Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals - How to Lose 70 Pounds - Destiny Loses Weight » Stay Motivated By Setting Realistic Goals For Weight LossEver wonder why you are not losing the weight that you planned on losing. Maybe it is the portrayal of instant gratification from just about every new discovery, whether it is a new pill, a newly discovered fruit, or some new exercise apparatus. The only thing that these new discoveries are doing is keeping your mind off the prize.

So how do you combat these instant gratification distractions? You simply need to put goals together. Without a plan, you will be in this never-ending cycle of losing a few pounds than adding them back on again. Start a plan and be in control of your own weight loss destiny, here is how to go about it:

Begin With Starting Your Realistic Goal:

The weight gain that you experienced didn’t happen overnight, so you shouldn’t think that you would be able to lose the weight that quickly either.

Determine how many pounds you want to lose and set a date to have this accomplished, set this date as a long-term goal. So if you want to lose 70 pounds, give yourself 7 to 8 months to accomplish this.

Break Your Long Term Goal into Shorter Ones

Like the example above shows, this is where you take the 70-pound goal and break it down into smaller ones. If you were to break this down in to smaller monthly goals, it would be about 10 pounds a month. Once you have accomplished your monthly goal, why not give yourself a treat.

Visualize Your Motivation

This is a motivation tip that is quite exceptional in assisting people with their goals. Here is where you can write down the reasons that you are attempting to lose the weight or better yet find pictures that convey the reasons and paste them where you can see them.

Use an Article of Clothing for Motivation

This angle of weight loss motivation is centered on, using an article of clothing like a swimsuit or pair of jeans that you want to fit into. Purchase the clothing and keep it in a place where you can look at the size.

The bottom line is that realistic goals equal achievable results. And this is what helps you stay on your path to healthy weight loss.

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