How To Love Your Partner

How To Love Your Partner

How To Love Your Partner - Make Love In The Shower - How To Make Oral Sex Better » Make Love In The ShowerYou have probably made love with your partner in many different places except the shower and you think you can conquer that place as well. You tried the bedroom again, but you have been there too many times and want to try newer things. Lead her into the bathroom while keeping the playful atmosphere sustained or surprise her by coming in unannounced when she is taking a shower. Help her with cleaning her body.

Before doing it, make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean. A dirty bathroom can become a huge turn off for your girlfriend. Another important thing to note, women are more attracted to a man who keeps himself as well as his house and everything in general clean. Below we will go through some ways of making love in the shower.

Lift her leg. This is an intimate one; it permits you to face her as you do the job. She keeps her back on the wall while you hold her leg up. As a man, you are probably taller than your girlfriend and this can become a problem. Adjust both yours and her position so that penetration occurs smoothly, without too much of a problem. If you still do not manage it, put her down while you stay on your knees and it should be fine. Be sure to take advantage of the running water though.

Oral sex. Now that you are both fresh, you could try to please her by doing oral. Or the other way around. Just drop on your knees and start making her feel good. The bad thing is that your knees can hurt if you stay too long on them. Unlike when you make love in the bed, you do not have the comfort to put a pillow under your knees in the shower. You may have to bend a little to protect them. Be careful not to fall as wet surfaces can be very slippery at times, and worse, do not drown.

Water sports can be lots of fun; it is about how much passion you put into it and your desire to do it. Remember to take the necessary precautions though. Also, water can dry out so make sure you have some lube with you.

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