How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship - A Long Distance Relationship - Long Distance Relationship Tips - Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationship | Tips on - Find TipsIt is said that geographical distance in relations make hearts grow fonder. The simple reason to it is when you stay physically away from some one, you start feeling his importance in your life more then ever. Maintaining a long distance relation for years is a credit to a couple in all terms. In spite of living apart, it is a true art to keep the flame in your relation alive for years. However, if you are truly in love you will not have to make too much of an effort to keep the bond strong. The feeling in your heart does it all for you. However, it is always good to spice up the relation with some added flavors.

Long distance relationships require more of interaction than any normal relationship. You need to be far more patient, understanding, sacrificing and communicative, when into a long distance relation. Try to remember every small detail related to your relation like dates, incidents, events, etc. and discuss often about them. Try to communicate daily if possible. Phone is always the best means to do so as you can interact closely and intimately. However, you can opt for other means like emails, letters, etc. Emails are also good once a while as they help you open up your heart to the person. Things that you cannot say directly pen them down for him. Sending e-cards occasionally is also a good practice. It is not always necessary to send it with some specific purpose rather you can send it just to make him feel special.

Apart from phones, mails and e-cards you can also install a webcam and see each other every day. This shall enhance the intimacy. Update each other with all your daily details. Discuss small issues but try not to over burden each other with unnecessary worries or tensions. Exchange photos regularly over internet to know each other status.

In spite of staying at distant do things together that both of you enjoy like watching a TV shows, playing online games, listening to music, etc.

Send surprise gifts to each other often. This will bring immense joy to your partner. Also, try to visit your partner if possible, at least in short lengths.

Long distance relations are not for faint-hearted people, as they require immense trials, patience and sacrifices. Therefore, if you are into such a relation try to keep your cool at most of the points to make it a success.

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