How to Make a Guy Like You

How to Make a Guy Like You

How to Make a Guy Like You - How to Attract Guys - Tips To Attract Men » Tips on how to make guys like youWith spring arriving and the weather getting warmer, we all wish to have someone by our side to spend some quality moments with. You will find some tips below, on how to make someone to like you.

Being original

While most of the points below are just to give you an idea, this is probably the most important tip you can receive.

Don’t change yourself or your personality for someone and just stay as you are. If you are not a fake, then this will create no problems whatsoever. Always be yourself, because, the guy will have to take you for what you are and not some fake version of yourself.

Optimizing the looks

If you are trying to be attractive to someone, it is a good idea to optimize. Don’t grow thinner or start buying clothes, but use what you already have for special effects.

Make your looks the best, by wearing a cute outfit each day, combing and arranging your hair, putting on a little makeup, wearing some light perfume and even putting on a bright smile.


Because guys enjoy talking about themselves so much, girls who listen to them are extremely attractive in their eyes. Therefore, when it is his time to talk, listen carefully and try to strike a conversation.

Talk about your preference as well, but give him time to reply and to talk about the things he enjoys and likes.

Laughing a lot

Guys find girls who like to laugh extremely attractive. And with humor, almost everything begins.

Therefore, you should try to laugh and enjoy yourself, as this is an easy thing to do, to please someone. Laugh at all his jokes if you want this guy to be yours.

Having the attitude

Guys are always attracted to girls with sunny dispositions. Thus, you should cheer up and try to be smiley and optimistic. Nobody likes negative persons, so you should look on the other side of the glass and make sure you are chirpy. Also, when you are happy, your entire facial expression changes and one can read from your face that you are happy and things are going fine!

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