How To Make a Gym Workout Fun

How To Make a Gym Workout Fun

How To Make a Gym Workout Fun - New Ways to Workout & New Workout Exercises » Workout : New and Fun TechniquesWhen was the last time you really enjoyed your gym session? A long time ago? Or probably never? Well, you are not alone. For in today’s fast paced world, setting aside time to take care of our bodies and health is an impossible task.

Added to this are drastic changes in lifestyle, erratic work schedules and much more that simply want us to hit the bed at the end of a long day instead of working out.

If you face the same dilema as all the individuals who struggle to keep fit in the melee to stay ahead in their personal and professional lives, then this article is for you.

Almost everyone knows how boring gym sessions can be. Running on the tread mill for hours, cycling, lifting weights etc. are things of the past. For there are some new and really cool ways to lose weight fast. And the good thing about these options is that you can actually enjoy these routines which will make them seem less strenous.

Body Pumping: Very similar to pumping weights, body pumping involves individuals working out in par with a background music which starts on a slow note (warm up session) and then increases tempo upon which the intensity of the workout also increases.

The sessions last anywhere between 30 minutes to whole hours and there are two 5 minute breaks in between. This enables the body to regain its strength and water content (rehydration) for the next session.

Kickboxing: The results will be visible for all to see within a month. Kickboxing has evolved over the years to become more than just a sport practised for self defense. Today, it has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight fast.

Kickboxing targets the entire body, making it rigid and supple at the same time. In addition to improving your flexibility, the sport also enables you to shed lots of pounds quickly. A kickboxing session normally lasts for a complete hour with warm up sessions, shadow boxing, punching; bag work, jumping rope and kicking.

Zumba: Ever attended an aerobics class? Wait! Before you say, “I have been there” or “I have done that”, here’s the twist. Zumba is a new form of aerobics that fuses together essential elements from a variety of dance styles like hip hop, belly dancing and tango etc.

The atmosphere is upbeat, the music groovy and the crowd ready to hit the floor. All these factors will definitely make you want to join the group, whether you know to dance or not.

These sessions target the abs and are high intense training sessions that help reduce weight quickly and effectively. And the highlight is that these sessions are extremely fun and peppy!

Belly Dancing: How about getting a fab body like Shakira while learning to shake those hips just like she does at the same time? A fantastic way to lose those extra kilos near the stomach and hips, belly dancing is not as easy as it looks and can take several dance sessions to understand and start working out on. However, the end results will be wonderful and that is just what we want right?

Pole Dancing: You don’t need to visit a bar to pole dance. A fixed pole at home will do. In addition to being extremely sexy, pole dancing targets the upper body, keeping it sculpted and sexy.

Salsa: A bit harder to master than the other dances, salsa and cha-cha require a passion to learn and the strength to go through the routines. These dance routines target the entire body including the bones and muscles throughout the body.

Indian Bhangra Dance: If you find it difficult to follow a particular dance routine, let go of all your inhibitions and join a festive Bhangra group. Bhangra dances are very popular in India and are a must in any and every kind of celebration in northern India. These dance routines don’t follow steps. Rather, you just need to join the crowd, make your own steps and have a whale of a time partying.

The intensity of the music is enough to make you want to keep dancing till you fall down with exhaustion. And a week full of these dances is going to leave you well on the way to achieving flat abs. These dances also help you lose weight very fast.

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