How To Make A House Child Proof

How To Make A House Child Proof

How To Make A House Child Proof - Ways To Child Proof Your House & Tips To Make House Child Proof » Tips To Make Your House Child ProofNow that your darling child has taken his first step, trust me when I say that as parents your excitement and euphoria will fast turn to horror, once you realise what a big and potentially dangerous development this is.

It is very plausible that one fine day you may suddenly chance upon your toddler, standing proudly, eagerly examining and confidently waving your favourite Ming dynasty vase, and then before you can shriek out a ‘NOOO’ or even try leaping at him with light speed, you see him break it into a hundred pieces, all with an angelic smile on his face.

So, while in the past you may have been a house proud person who took immense pride in collecting and displaying beautiful things to adorn her lovely house with, but you simply can’t afford to be that person anymore. As now is the time to stop obsessing about the interior décor of the house and focus on giving your child a large safe area to play in and indulge his new-found independence.

When to start

Therefore, with a baby in the house, it is never too early to start child proofing your house, as babies have a very steep and quick learning and developing graph. Your child will stand one fine day and two days after that start toddling, leaving you very little time to react and even pack up your favorite decoration pieces.

That said, in most cases people prefer to start making their house a safe zone for their kids, the moment they start crawling. The moment they learn to crawl, children start their psychological experiment of gauging the limits and boundaries of your patience and love for them.

This is one of things that make this such a tough stage for both you and your child. As you try to come to terms with his independence, your child tries to come to terms with your constant and irritating nagging and scolding, which he feels is totally unjustified.

DIY best approach

But if you seem to have missed the bus, then don’t fret, as you can always begin today and do it without spending a fortune on hiring those professional child proofing companies that come home and do all the work for you. Most of the child proofing kits in the market, and there are literally millions of them on sale, can be put together by you, as a mother quite easily.

Apart from saving all that money, from my point of view there are essentially two main advantages of doing this exercise yourselves. Firstly, since you alone know your baby’s habits, his likes and his favorite exploring zones, you are the best person to make his life in the house safe.

Secondly, this DIY exercise will make you learn more about these devices and gadgets, then simply how to operate them. This knowledge will serve you well should something suddenly come off or stop working.

How to go about it

To begin with the first step of child-proofing is to remove expensive and breakable things out of your little ones reach. Your child’s curiosity is now insatiable, so anything and everything is an object of interest and desire for him. And every time he holds something to get a better look, his weak hand-eye coordination can make him drop and consequently break it.

Here the thing to remember is that nothing in your home is as priceless as your child. And he does not deliberately break your favourite things, as your love means the world to him. So instead of scolding your child after every two minutes and rudely interrupting his various explorations, you can simply choose to make it easy for both, him and you, by picking up certain child-proofing items easily available in the market.

Another thing is that this stage, more than difficult is dangerous, as there are bound to be accidents and incidents. So be prepared for loads of tumbles and knocks. But don’t freak out when this happens as a few knocks and tumbles every now and then are a must, as they help build character and keep him in check. That having said, there are a few things that every home with a baby simply must have.

What to install

While the market is flooded with such products, you don’t need to go overboard also as you don’t want your child growing up in a cocoon. I advise the first thing to install is corner covers. Cover all your furniture corners with plastic covers that blunt their edge and make it safe for your baby to crawl under tables and other furniture.

Next, invest in some child proof locks, for all your cabinets and shelf’s that are within his reach, as sooner or later his curiosity will get the better of him and he will surely investigate them. Again I advise you install the plastic ones as these can be easily installed by you, the wooden or steel ones may require professionals.

Another thing you need to do is get wire covers and ensure that none of the wires in the house are live or hanging, getting your toddler unduly excited about pulling them. If your house is near, or has a staircase, then a must buy is a stair gate. These are available in all leading outlets and the plastic one is quiet light and easy to assemble. This ensures that the gate will not hurt your child, but shall act as a deterrent should your child want to take the stairs.

Also a baby monitor is good idea if your child has his own room and sleeps alone, as children can often wake up at odd hours, and can even fall off the bed. A baby monitor is like a radio device which when kept on your child’s bedside, helps you monitor him without being present in the room.

Lastly, you can invest in a play pen. Easy to assemble they come in different sizes and are portable. These are very useful for containing your baby, so he can keep playing with his toys unmindful of the world around him.

However, one needs to keep in mind that all these are simply precautions, and nothing can really replace your constant supervision and monitoring of your child, as in spite of all these and more safety gadgets, your child can still hurt himself, sometimes even on them.

In the end, this world may not be a very safe place to raise children, but as a parent you can certainly ensure your child grows in a safe home which is a sanctuary for unconditional love and encouragement.

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