How To Make A Style Statement With Chunky Necklaces

How To Make A Style Statement With Chunky Necklaces

How To Make A Style Statement With Chunky Necklaces - Types Of Chunky Necklaces » Update Your Fashion Quotient With Chunky NecklacesFrom runways to boardrooms to your neighbourhood shopping arcade, this season everyone is flaunting oversized necklaces. So the mantra is to be extravagant and over the top either with your multi-strands of mismatched beads or a jumbo-sized mix-metal pendant or loads of chains around your neckline.

Be assured that with these adornments you will definitely turn the heat on and make an impact wherever you go as opulent neck-pieces scorched the ramps at Lanvin, Chanel, Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Armani shows.

Fashion experts say, be it your boring executive suit, a flamboyant evening dress or a casual denim jacket– a piece of statement jewellery will add loads of glamour to all of them. So turn on your style with the season’s strongest accessory and create a visual impact with statement jewellery.

Be the Boho-Chic

Most of the season’s bold pieces have borrowed heavily from tribal designs and have been moulded into a contemporary style. Unleash your bohemian side with these chic necklaces in myriad colours and shapes made of glass, plastic, steel, wood, resin, horn and acrylic.

Two or more different shapes of beads are combined with metals like brass, copper, pewter, or vermeil beads to create delightful pieces which you can pick up at any local store at a reasonable price. So break all traditional rules and embrace the tribalesque funkier, edgier, designer pieces.

Girl next-door look

If a simple jeans and t-shirt is your daily staple and you are apprehensive about teaming it up with chunky necklace, do not worry. A multi-strand neckwear or a big pendant will add instant spunk and create an interest to the overall look.

Rock It

Designers world over are rediscovering the charm of semi-precious stones. Available in a mind-boggling array of colors and shapes, these gemstone necklaces are in great demand. Get a necklace in bright Turquoise, a fiery Carnelian, a crimson Coral, a chic Onyx, a fresh Jade or a purple Amethyst and wear them according to your mood. The big stone necklaces are either designed with strands of beads or interspersed with silver beads and spacers. Who says that to look feminine, you can’t be bold?

Silver Babes

Though silver jewelry prices are touching the sky, this white metal is very much in vogue this season. Necklaces are made of chunky silver beads that are moulded in the shape of insects, flowers, and leaves, animals— whatever you fancy— and threaded together in rows to create an ethnic magic.

Layers of simple chains with a gigantic pendant seem to scream that when you can have it all, why settle for only one? The pendants could be either engraved with some motif or encrusted with stones. Or let a broad choker embrace your dainty nape.

Gold Rush

If you find the lure of the yellow metal too irresistible but want to look stylish as well, you will not be disappointed. Indulge yourself with intricately designed luxurious statement pieces.

Jewellers are stocking opulent pendants and luxurious necklaces, crafted with precious stones, that are sure to turn heads. So whether you are an Indian bride to be or a woman of the world – you can pick up one of these as per your choice.

Vibrant Colors

A big trend throughout 2011 would be bold and vibrant colors. Random colour and multicolor could be seen in many necklaces. You will never go wrong with three or more multi-coloured bead necklaces over your solid hued outfit. These hip and classy statement will work great if you keep your other accessories low-key.

Beach Ready

This summer, while going for a soak or sunbathing at the beach, do not forget your shell pieces. Whether you want to make a statement or accentuate your looks, bring out your sea-inspired necklaces made with seashells, interspersed with bright beads and grab all the attention.

Party Girl

Glamourise your Little Black Dress (LBD) with some quirky beads or a giant pendant in mixed-metal for an instant glam. Or turn a simple office outfit into a classy ensemble with an eye-popping necklace and breeze into the dance floor. Do not forget to get the smoky eye look. And hey, you have arrived!!

Beat the Cold

Do not lock away your blings during the cold season. Several strings of colorful beads will add chic to any drab winter outfit. You can even wrap a necklace around your wrist to beat the cold in style.

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls have always allured both young and old women over the ages. Several strings of pearls teamed up with silver beads or semi-precious stones look elegant as well as keep you trendy.

Crystal Gazing

Be it Swarovoski or some other brand — a chunky crystal necklace is a standout item every woman should have in her jewellery box. Several layers of crystal beads in vibrant colours will add sparkle to any wardrobe and take it from drab to fab in a jiffy. So who needs a diamond?

Extend the Trend

If you want to truly embrace the season’s trend, then complement your necklace with an oversized cocktail ring or a knotted oxidized brass bracelet. You will find several celebrities sporting handful of cuffs and bangles in eclectic designs. They are also styling their wrists with gold and silver bangles teamed up with oxidized cuffs for an effortless glam.

Less is More

Many fashion experts feel that if you do not want to look like a tribal Goddess, keep this oversize trend to the minimum. If you are wearing a heavy necklace, give your ear-rings and bracelets a miss. But if opulence is your mantra, pair your chunky pieces carefully– one piece near the top of the body–either earrings or a necklace–plus a ring on one hand and a bracelet on the opposite wrist. Try out the pieces and discover your style.


The best thing about these necklaces is that most of these bold pieces do not cost the earth. If your budget is small, there are pieces available in the market that will put you in the league of the fashionistas without breaking your bank.

So who says size doesn’t matter? This season it is all about size— rather oversize! One statement piece can work wonders on several outfits. The current trend is to keep the garment simple so that the necklace becomes the point of attention. Therefore, if you have been fancying a chunky necklace but did not know how to wear it, this is the time to own it and make your style statement.

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