How to make Bargello Quilt

How to make Bargello Quilt

Bargello Quilt

How to make Bargello Quilt - How to Select a Design for your Quilt - Needlepoint Embroidery | Tips on - Find TipsBargello quilt is a needlepoint embroidery stitch that makes zigzag lines. It is quite easy to learn and to make. As a beginner you can create wonderful embroidery works with bargello. It might be a wonderful experience to make a quilt on your own by Bargello.

Tips to make the Quilt

1. First you have to choose colors for your quilt. Choose seven fabrics of different colors. If you are making quilt for your kids then any number of colors of any family can be used. Cotton fabrics will be more ideal. Select a contrast colored fabric for binding the quilt.

2. Wash the fabrics prior to stitching then apply starch and also iron.

3. Select a design for your quilt. It will be better to select a simple design for the first time. You can create your own designs which may help you to avoid the wastage of clothes. Here I will tell you about the simple wave pattern.

4. Take the all the fabrics of seven colors and cut them in to strips by width of the fabric. The strips must be of three and a half inch.

5. Now stitch the fabric strips in contact with each other and leaving a ¼ inch seam allowance. It must include 15 stitches per inch. This will result in 3 inch broad strips. Iron the stitched fabric so that the stitched wrinkles may sit properly.

6. Again you have to cut the stitched fabric in such a way that you must get all the colors in a strip. Each strip must be of 3 inch wide. This will make your work easier rather than cutting squares of each color and then join them separately.

7. Take a design board and place the strips on the design board in such a manner that the same colored fabric square of the second strip must be placed one square below the first one. Repeat the process till you reach the fifth strip and now keep the sixth strip in the same level as that of the fifth. There after you have to move in an ascending order until you reach with the tenth strip. Now 1-5 rows are in descending order, 5-6 in the same level and 7-10 in the ascending order. Your first wave is now ready. You can add as much as waves as you wish.

8. Once you placed the strips properly then you have to sew them in place. Its time to apply batting and afterwards the lining at the back. When you have finished the work go for quilting around your quilt’s each square to keep the layers fixed.

9. Trim the uneven borders and then bind the edges with a contrast colored cloth around the entire quilt.

Now your quilt is ready.

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