How to Make Carrot Juice

How to Make Carrot Juice

How to Make Carrot Juice - Health Benefits of Carrot - How to Preventing Nutrient Lose in Juice - Tips to Choose Healthy Carrots | Tips on - Find TipsCarrot Juice

Carrot is considered as one of the most acceptable vegetable for making juice. It’s sweet taste and beautiful color makes it more attractive. It can be easily blend with any other juices. People want to replenish orange juice with carrot juice as it imparts taste and additional nutrients to it. Beta carotene present in carrot juice will provide vitamin A, B and E to our body. It is good for bones, teeth, eye sight, liver, nails, hairs and skin.

Tips to Make a Carrot Juice

a. Select fresh and healthy carrots. Avoid rotten and diseased carrots for making juice as it causes negative effects.
b. Wash the carrots properly using a vegetable brush to remove the soil debris. As it is a root crop the hazardous effect of pesticides and insecticides will be least.
c. It is better to scrape the skin lightly than peeling as most of the nutrients lie close to the skin surface. Heavy peeling results in the lost of major vitamins and minerals.
d. Chop the raw carrot and keep it in a mixer or juicer. You can also steam the carrots for 4-5 minutes. However steaming ends up in missing some nutrients. If you are favoring a healthy juice, adopt the raw carrots.
e. Add sugar and a pinch of salt in to the mixer and grind them to make a fine paste. If there are three juicy carrots then add 2 table spoon sugar and ¼ th table spoon salt.
f. Mix 400 ml cold water in to this paste and run the mixer till it is foamy.
g. Sieve the juice through a fine wire mesh and discard the residue.
h. It is not desirable to keep the juice for long time. On keeping, the vitamins and minerals will be lost by oxidation.
i. Pour the juice in to a glass and add crushed ice and add a pinch of pepper powder and mint powder to the top.
j. Two or three drops of lemon juice will improve the flavor.
k. Decorate it with a sliced lemon and a mint leaf pair on the top.

If you want to keep the juice for some time then pour the juice into a glass jar having a tight lid and refrigerate it. This helps in preventing nutrient lose. It is a nourishing beverage for all age groups. It will revitalizing tonic to your skin.

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