How to Make Coconut Lemonade Drink

How to Make Coconut Lemonade Drink

How to Make Coconut Lemonade Drink - Coconut Lemonade Recipe - Tropical Drink Recipe | Tips on - Find TipsCoconut Lemonade

Coconut lemonade is a tropical drink. It is very easy to make and you can serve it as a special drink to your guest by decorating it with a paper umbrella. Most of the people will enjoy this drink. Here are some tips to make the delicious coconut lemonade.

Tips to Make Coconut Lemonade

Method -1

1. Take six or eight mint leaves and grind it with a mortar. Keep the grind mint leaves in a pitcher.

2. Take lime juice and lemon juice mixed together in a cup and mix it with the mint leaves in the pitcher. Add half cup of sugar to this juice mixture. You can also add rum to this mixture and it is optional. Add half gallon of water and mix it well.

3. Keep the juice in the refrigerator till it becomes chilled.

4. Take a tall glass and add slices of lime and lemon to this glass along with the ice cubes. Shred coconut and put this sweet shredded coconut in to the glass containing lime and lemon slices.

5. Now take out the chilled juice from the refrigerator and pour it over the limes, lemons and coconut shreds. Decorate the glass with fresh mint leaves and fancy paper umbrellas.

Method -2

You can make coconut lemonade through another method.

1. Take a large bowl and add three cups of water, two third cup of lemon juice and half cup of sugar. Dissolve them with continuous agitation.

2. Add two table spoon of coconut beverage flavoring syrup or cream of coconut. Mix them well with the above mixture of juice and sugar and keep it in the refrigerator for four hours to one day.

3. Take half cup each of unsweetened blueberries and red raspberries which are frozen and one small fresh carambola. Cut the carambola crosswise in to thin slices.

4. Get tall glasses and add ice cubes to the glass. Now pour the refrigerated juice over the ice. Decorate the glass with raspberries, carambola and blueberries.

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