How to Make Natural Dyes For Wool

How to Make Natural Dyes For Wool

How to Make Natural Dyes For Wool - Natural Dyes For Wool - Tips to Make the Natural Dyes For Wool - Dyes for Wool | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are involved with the processing of wool, then you would like to know about the natural dyes available for dyeing the wool. You can dye your wool on your own using natural colors. The plants, flowers, roots etc in your backyard will be enough for making the dye. Here are some tips to make the natural dyes for your wool.

Tips to Make the Natural Dye

1. Collect fresh herbs from your yard when they are fully matured but try to avoid dried herbs as dried herbs won’t give brilliant colors.

2. Collect flowers when they are about to bloom fully and berries while they are ripe and collect leaves during spring. For making dye chop the fruits and leaves or separate the petals of the flowers. For eight quarts of flowers or fruits add four gallons of water and boil them. Once it gets boiled then keeps it in simmer for 30 to 60 minutes and strain the liquid for dying. Flowers like marigold, zinnia, hyacinth, snapdragon, lilac, foxglove etc are famous for making dyes. The leaves of sumac, spinach, peach, celery etc are good for making dyes.

3. It is better to collect roots in the fall season and bark in the spring season. Cut the roots or bark in to small pieces and soak them in water for overnight. For half pound of root add 2 gallons of water. Strain the liquid next day morning and keep it aside. Again add 2 gallons of water to the roots and boil them in simmer for an hour. Strain the liquid and mix it with the saved liquid. Now you can dye your wool. Roots used for making dyes are carrot roots, cherry roots, red cedar roots, dandelion roots etc.

4. Collect nuts when they get matured. Break the husk of the nuts and soak them in water for over night and then boil the liquid with nut husk on the next day morning. Keep the liquid in simmer till you get dark brown liquid. This process may take more than one hour. Once this brown liquid is formed strain the liquid and use it for dying. Walnut is a very good nut used for dying clothes. It will give one of the very good brown colors to your wool.

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