How To Make New Friends

How To Make New Friends

How To Make New Friends - How to Get Closer to People » How To Make New FriendsFriends are an essential part of our lives. Without them our successes, failures, sorrows and joys -Â all would be incomplete. And the fact is, the more friends a person has, the happier his/her life is.But if you are not sure how to make more friends and make a big friends circle, then read on for guidelines on making new friends.

The first step would be to attract people towards you so that they feel interested in you. For that you need to carry a positive body language. Your body language must reflect your beaming confidence. You must also look and present yourself as an approachable person. Once people find these qualities in you, they will be drawn towards you.

Be friendly to all people around you and smile at all. Talk to people in a friendly tone. While speaking to others, keep your smile intact. Conversation does not mean that only you keep speaking. Let the other person speak too and listen to him/her with genuine interest. Do not degrade or demean anyone, whether it is the person you are talking to or some other person. Show respect to all while speaking about them. Compliment them when appropriate. Make people feel good about themselves.

You need to learn to be interesting and entertaining to people. Talking to people in an interesting fashion is also an art. Try to learn and develop that in yourself. Try to entertain people with your words and make them laugh.If you make people feel good then you will be surrounded by people who would love to be with you or people who would like to find out what others admire so much about you. In both ways, you will have lots of admirers and prospective friends.

And finally, be yourself. Be genuine and original. Do not try to fake what you are not. Do not try to change yourself to get someone’s attention or admiration. Be what you are. Stick to your opinions and beliefs. You will certainly be admired for your originality and uniqueness. And if someone does not like you for what you are then he or she is not worth to be your friend.

These are some basic tips or guidelines which will help you get closer to people and develop some great friendships which will last a lifetime.

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