How To Make Oral Sex Better

How To Make Oral Sex Better

How To Make Oral Sex Better - Tips For Better Sex - Sex To Lovemaking » Better SexLove making can be exiting. Since the man should not come before you are aroused, you should carry on kissing and petting him as preamble, ensuring that he doesn’t enter you. If you can’t hold him till then, you will not have better sex.

Oral Sex is no more an anathema. You can try it in on your bedroom stairs, as you lie on the stairs and he comes between your legs on the lower step, giving you a better view. Try these.

Orgasm of woman is dependent on how much both you and the partner love each other. You should prove these feelings on the bed. You can sit back and embrace her warmly. You both should feel the warmth of each other. Intimacy develops when there are no inhibitions. Let the heartbeats of each other be felt. Do it once with clothes on and later without clothes, before making love or at any time. You are expressing your love and affection towards each other.

Since lips are sensuously sensitive, second only to Clitoris, you should try variety of kisses. Here are a few tips:

1. Kiss her like you are sucking on a pudding which is falling out of a spoon.

2. Bite, nibble with teeth and press the lips on your lips.

3. Suck the tongue, drawing it out, this will produce more saliva, and you will notice that saliva is sweet.

4. Breathe on her wet lips, it arouses.

Sex in the morning can be very pleasant. Try this position for morning sex: Let the female lie face upwards, as the man comes leaning on left to her right. The woman lifts the right leg, places it under the man’s right leg, while the thigh will be between the woman’s legs. Now from her waist up, you can do anything on her. None of the partners will be bearing the weight and both will enjoy. Use your imagination to make further changes into this.

Though most of us are familiar with Clitoris and G spot being the craziest parts of a female body, another point is Cervix, which is the Uterus’ entrance. When the tip of the Penis rubs against this part, the woman can have an orgasm. When she has raised her legs, the Vagina opening would have reduced and you can touch the cervix with Penis. This is indeed better sex.

There are more ways for better sex, but you should have the inclination to enjoy.

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