How to Make Tasty Family Snacks

How to Make Tasty Family Snacks

How to Make Tasty Family Snacks - Tasty Family Snacks - Technique Use to Make Snacks - How to Prepare Tasty Family Snacks | Tips on - Find TipsGet ready to prepare and serve some very mouth-watering dishes to your family that will fully fill their stomach and earn you high praises.



• One cluster of rosemary.

• One full packet of new basil (tulsi) plant.

• Take one garlic and clove and crush them till you get their powdered form.

• Take two big spoons of walnuts and olive oil. If you don’t have olive oil, you can also use normal oil.

• Take a piece of cheese and grate it so that it measures two big spoons.

• Six to eight pieces of cucumber.

• Take four big tomatoes and cut them into four equal pieces.

• Take a mozzarella cheese and cut it into sixteen lean pieces.

• Use two big spoons of mayonnaise which is a type of solid condiment.

• Take eight pieces of dark olive which is also a fruit.


Take the leaves of rosemary plant in such quantity so that it measures one glass. You can also use the leaves of rosemary for embellishment. Merge all the components in a blender and continue to mix it unless it appears to be soft. Organize the pieces of tomatoes on a platter. Put the toppings prepared in the blender. Decorate it with rosemary leaves and be ready to serve the dish.



• One big piece of butter.

• Take three pieces of garlic and clove and crush them to get its powdered form.

• Take around fifteen pieces of small onion and peel them off.

• Two big spoons of dill which is a special type of herb.


Liquefy the piece of butter and put garlic in it. Boil it very lightly for two minutes. In the meanwhile, place the onion in a basking bowl and empty the mixture of garlic and butter on top of onion pieces. Cook it in the oven for forty minutes at suitable temperature till it gets warm. Prior to the serving of dish again heat up the residual the mixture of garlic & butter and put dill in between and discharge the mixture on top of onion pieces.

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