How to Make Your Own Green House – build a green house

How to Make Your Own Green House – build a green house

How to Make Your Own Green House – build a green house - Tips to Make a Green House | Tips on - Find TipsGreen House

Green House is a structure where you can maintain a better temperature and humidity. A Green house can extend the growing season. Making a Green house of your own is not only prestigious but also less expensive. It does not require much effort and scientific knowledge. All of it wants is a well defined planning. The type of green house will depend up on the desired place, space and plants.

Tips to Make a Green House

1. Select a Site for Your Green House

A green house must be in a place where it gets maximum sunlight especially in winter. You must be careful to avoid the shadows from the existing trees. If it’s a south east location then it will provide more sunlight at the morning hours and it helps the plant to start its growing process earlier. South west is also acceptable as it provides evening sun light. In warmer climate you must provide enough shade to the plants.

2. Design the Space

Green house must be designed in such a way that there must be enough space to work with. Decide the size and height of the benches. You can use rot resistant woods for these benches or use aluminum frames and add wood. Leave enough space to keep the tools, potting materials, fertilizer etc. you can also place structures to relax while working.

3. Design the Structure

Structure can be set up with a variety of substances. There are different types of frames that we can work with. They are Quonset, Gothic, Rigid-Frame, Post and rafter and A Frame. Of which rigid and post and rafter frames provides more space and ventilation. For the coverings also we have a wide choose which includes glass, fiberglass, rigid double-wall plastics, and film plastics. Film plastic is the cheapest as it is less expensive and requires light frames to hold it. You have to ensure that the frame and cover should match. For foundation you can adopt a concrete foundation or low cost tiles. You can even use gravel to fill the areas other than path ways. If you want to make a low cost green house use the salvaged materials available in your surroundings.

4. Create a Green House Environment

Green house provides shelter to a number of plants. So it is essential to provide an environment adaptable to the plants. Half of the necessities of the green house will be met by the sun. The rest we have to create by using machines like heaters, air circulating fans, exhaust fans, thermostats and other equipments. In summer temperature has to be regulated by evaporative cooling, shade cloth or by using paints. Mist sprays and hand watering has to be mixed to meet the water requirement of the plants.

5. Pest and Disease

Pest in the initial stage itself can be controlled by predators. If you found a diseased plant in your green house, eradicate it from there.

People are using green house for supplementing their food and as a business. You can make good vegetables and fruits along with the beautiful cut flowers in a Green House.

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