How To Make Your Public Speaking More Effective

How To Make Your Public Speaking More Effective

How To Make Your Public Speaking More Effective - Public Speaking Tips » Tips for Effective Public SpeakingDoes Public Speaking make you panicky and extremely nervous? Your hands get sweaty and your voice trembles. Here are few tips to conquer the fear of Public Speaking and communicate effectively with the audience.

Understand the needs of your audience and frame your content addressing the needs of the audience. Arrange your material properly and be thorough with it. Rehearse your speech several times before going for the final presentation and ask a friend or a family member to listen and review your presentation. Determine your strong points and shortcomings. Strengthen your strong points and wok on your shortcomings. Include captivating and interesting parts in your speech to gain the attention of the audience.

Your appearance matters considerably while speaking in public. In case you are delivering a speech on a serious topic, dress accordingly. Maintain calm and a confident posture during the speech. Appear relaxed, enthusiastic and pleasant. Speak slowly and clearly. Modulate your tone and dramatize according to the speech.Use appropriate body language. Don’t stand still at one place and read the speech from a paper. Engage the audience with you by walking, hand and facial gestures during the speech. Use audio-video aid if possible. If you are giving a presentation on Power point, do not fill your presentation with length textual descriptions. Use images and diagrams to illustrate your point.

Be confident and do not mumble. Persuade your audience by speaking with conviction and belief. In case you make an error, correct it and carry on with your speech. Glance occasionally at your notes. However do not read the entire matter from the notes.

Maintain direct eye-contact with your audience and make them feel involved. Look at one person for 3 seconds and then again glance at someone else.If your audience is unable to connect to your speech, adopt a different strategy mid-way. Speak to your audience and listen to reactions and disagreements. Do not get aggressive if someone disagrees with you. Instead try to persuade them and adapt accordingly.
Do not hasten through your presentation. Give pauses to allow your audience to reflect on what you have said. Stick to the time limit. If your speech is too lengthy and boring, add humor wherever possible.

Check audio-video equipment beforehand and make sure that it is working properly. Keep all the necessary things like markers, whiteboard, etc near you.Brief your audience about the topic by outlining the areas you will be covering. Give hand outs to the audience if possible.End your presentation on an interesting note. Thank your audience for their time and attention.

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