How to Manage Childcare at Work

How to Manage Childcare at Work

How to Manage Childcare at Work - Breastfeed - Disadvantages of Daycare Centers - Daycare Facilities | Tips on - Find TipsAs more and more families are becoming dual income families, there is no one home to watch the children. In response for the growing need of childcare, daycare facilities are popping up everywhere. If a child cannot be cared for in the parent’s home, the next best place is a daycare center where the child can be watched by certified professionals. But even daycare centers do not always simplify the parent’s lives.

Now, the parents have to add extra time to their day to drop their child off at daycare prior to rushing to work and then leave work in time to pick up their child before the daycare center closes. And sometimes the daycare facility is not located close to home. Parents find that they are now in a constant rush to drop off and pick up their children. Plus, the cost of daycare can get quite expensive depending on the age of the child and how many children the parent’s leave in the facility’s care.

These problems have led many employers to build a daycare center on site. While this sounds like the answer to every parent’s daycare dream, even this situation is not without disadvantages. This article discusses the positives and negatives of having a daycare facility at the place of employment.

There are many pros to having a daycare facility at work. One is that the parent can now eliminate that extra step in their day. Parents are at ease knowing that their child is close by and can be visited. In the case of an emergency, the parent does not have to travel far to get the child and head off to the hospital. Having a daycare center on site allows mothers who breastfeed to continue. Plus, the cost of an onsite daycare center is usually less than a private facility.

On the converse, with the child so close to the parent, the parent may feel like taking many breaks to see the child and this can disrupt their work. The staff may not be as qualified to watch the children. Another problem is that if the company closes, the parents will lose their daycare provider and have to search for a new one.

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