How To Marry Again After Two Divorces » Tips For Marrying Again After Two Divorces

How To Marry Again After Two Divorces » Tips For Marrying Again After Two Divorces

How To Marry Again After Two Divorces » Tips For Marrying Again After Two DivorcesThe adage that marriage is for a lifetime has gone for a toss these days. The number of first marriages crumbling is astronomically high, whether they are arranged or love.

Even second marriages do not seem to work for many people. In such a situation, how should you go about marriage for the third time?

Marriage is not just an institution. It involves feelings, sacrifices, understanding and a lot of other emotions. So, if you are looking to get married for the third time, you should take into account all these factors. Can you bear the pressure of making a marriage work after two failed attempts? Is it too much of a risk?

Why Marry?

You should only marry if you have the desire to or feel the need to. It should not be for something vague or frivolous like a rebound from an earlier marriage or just for the sake of companionship in old age. You should marry only out of love and nothing else, because, at the end of the day, that is what counts.

Always On Lookout

You should start searching for a new partner with an open mind. He or she should be a kind of person who will make you happy in the truest sense of the term. Also, you should review past mistakes. After all, the earlier marriage did not crumble just because of the other person.So, you should look at your mistakes objectively and then try rectifying them or at least make sure that they are not repeated for the third time.

If You Find Love

You should consider yourself lucky if you find your soul mate. In such a situation, considerable amount of thought should be put in before deciding to get married. If you do decide to get married, then it would be preferable to go for a simple wedding with only near and dear ones of both parties to be around. It need not be a fancy wedding, because you have nothing to prove to others, you are just getting married for yourself. You need not even wear a white wedding dress.

An off white dress or a peach colored gown is good enough. Also, children of both the partners should be involved, because it gives them a sense of belonging and welcomes them into the newly formed family. It helps them bond with your new better half. Also, care should be taken that you do not ask your parents to finance the wedding, for obvious reasons! It would be preferable if you go about it yourself.

Marriage is nothing to be afraid of or hesitant about. For some it works in the first attempt and for some it takes a few tries. Even though marriage can sometimes bring with it some unpleasantness, yet it is preferable for the beautiful memories it brings with it. Every marriage is a learning experience and you should never be afraid of letting yourself go, when the opportunity knocks at your door. All that is needed is a little love and optimism.

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