How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color

How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color

How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color - Perfect Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color - How To Choose Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color | Tips on - Find TipsEye Shadow

Eye shadow has an important role in determining your beauty. Every person will have a different skin color and type and will have different eye color too. Your hair color and the dress you are wearing are also important while choosing the eye shadow. You have to choose the color that brightens your eyes the most and that matches with your eye color, skin and hair color. Here are some suggestions that may help you to choose the perfect eye shadow.

Eye Shadow for Different Eye Color

1. Hazel and Green Eyes

Hazel is a light brown or yellowish brown color that at times may appear green. Hazel eyes may reflect the colors in their vicinity. Plum color matches the hazel eyes and it gives a mature look while apricot color will brighten your eyes and it may shines. Purple color is also a good selection which gives a mystic appearance and long dress will match you with this purple color. Other colors that go with hazel and green eyes are forest green or deep khaki. In this modern world people are trying lime green, gold, light green and bright purple colors also.

2. Blue Eyes

Blue eyes prefer a darker color and you can choose dark blue for your blue eyes which will make your eyes more bluish. Black will also suit the blue eyes but you must be careful to use black alone. It will be better to mix blue or pink along with the black which will give a beautiful smoky cat eye. You can also adopt gray, taupe, violet or purple. The stylish and modern colors like the turquoise, silver or fuschia for your blue eyes.

3. Brown Eyes

Brown eyes prefer light colors than dark colors. This is because the dark colors will make your dark eyes darker. Bronze or copper color will suit you better as it will make you young. Other colors tried with brown eyes are khaki green, champagne or beige. Modern colors like royal blue, tangerine, lime green or hot pink is also ideal.

4. All Eyes

Colors that suit to almost all eyes are charcoal or navy as base colors and powder blue or silver sparkle as eye shadow. This will provide an edgy look to all eyes.

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