How to Match Shoes With Your Outfit

How to Match Shoes With Your Outfit

How to Match Shoes With Your Outfit - Match Shoes with Outfit - Choose Shoes According to Outfit - Matching Shoes With Outfit | Tips on - Find TipsMatching your shoes with the outfit you wear is a quite common now a day. Many of the people are keen to wear the latest and trendiest shoes when ever a famous shoe designer launches one. Sometimes they are after the trendiest shoes but forget to match their shoes with their out fit. If you want to be fashionable then you have to match your shoes with the clothes you wear. Here are some basic rules that may help you to choose the matching shoes with your outfit.

1. Choose Shoes According to the Occasion

While choosing the shoes you have to consider the occasion which you are attending. If you are going for a formal occasion then choose a pair of formal shoes. Rubber shoes along with formal dress will gives you a cheap look. Leather shoes will be better for men in formal dress. Loafers or oxfords shoes that have flat, low or medium heels will work great with business pants. Women can wear high heeled leather shoes with their formal dress.

2. Choose Shoes According to Style

Style is another factor that determines the type of shoes. If you are wearing a casual skirt then choose heeled clunky loafers or platforms. If it is a skirt that hardly covers the knee then try Sabrina heeled pointed toe-shoe or high sandals. For a miniskirt use a boots of knee-high. Enhance yourself with a sneaker or chunky soled shoes along with your jeans.

Palazzo pant which is a looser pant can have espadrilles or open toed flat shoes. Long dressy pants prefer boots while sleek fabricated straight glamorous pant will be heightened by strapped sandals. Daring night out clothing looks great with nosebleed- high sandal. Capri pants will match with open toed mule or platform.

3. Choose Shoes According to the Color

Women can match their red dress with shoes that have a red touch. The black shoes will match with almost all colors of clothes. Metallic shoes will match with clothes that have multicolor in them. If you are wearing an outfit that has contrast colors then put on shoe that matches your hemline. This will give you a taller appearance. If you are a tall person then choose shoes that contrast the hemline.

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