How to motivate yourself for weight loss

How to motivate yourself for weight loss

How to motivate yourself for weight loss - How To Lose Weight - Tips for Easy Weight Loss | Tips on - Find TipsIs life becoming heavy on you because you are looking fat? Is your husband/ Boyfriend not showing any more interest in you? Are your friends and relatives laughing at you for being hefty and fat?

Do you think you are looking yuck when you stand in front of the mirror?Are you feeling guilty about your shape and size? You are trying a lot to lose weight but your motivation level to do this is low?

If yes, here are a few tips following which you can motivate yourself for easy weight loss.

Stick your picture before you started your weight loss regime and now. You will know how much of a difference it has made in your life. Keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to look like a sloppy donkey of 50 but a handsome hunk or cute girl of 18 all the time. (Avoid aging). Know that Obesity is one of the biggest problems for most of the diseases. So have good knowledge about why you have to loose weight.

Get motivated by all those people who do exercise: See all the people jogging on the track every day to loose weight. See how skinny and good looking they have become. Feel bad for not being one among them. Have a friend who is very much into exercising who has a fit body and always speaks about weight loss and looking good.

After each days exercise, check how many calories you have lost. Have friends who go to Salsa or Aerobic classes and join with them for these classes. Observe your skin becoming clearer day by day because all the pours on the face get opened up everyday during exercise.

Keep reminding yourself that at your old age you still want to remain fit and fine and not a patient lying on the bed. “A healthy body only can give you a healthy mind”.

You are a BP, Diabetes or do you possess any other problem. What other better motivation can you have in life than this? Obviously you want all these diseases to be under control.

You should have a crave for exercising. The minute you stop exercising, the extra weight you put on will itself give you this crave. Tell your husband that when my daughter/son becomes big, I want her/his friends to call me, her/his, sister/brother and not mother/father.

These can be really good motivating factors for weight loss.

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