How To Naturally Treat A Sunburn & Home Remedies To Cure Sunburn » Suffering From Sunburns? Learn Some Great Ways To Be Sun Safe

How To Naturally Treat A Sunburn & Home Remedies To Cure Sunburn » Suffering From Sunburns? Learn Some Great Ways To Be Sun Safe

How To Naturally Treat A Sunburn & Home Remedies To Cure Sunburn » Suffering From Sunburns? Learn Some Great Ways To Be Sun SafeMost of us have experienced painful effects of sunburn some or the other time in life. Whether you spend the weekend at the beach or some peaceful time in your backyard, if you forget to use the sun block, consequences will be burnt skin.

Although treatment for mild sunburn can be easily managed it home, if sunburns are serious, medical intervention might be required.

Sunburned skin, that is caused as a side effect of over-exposure to sun does, not only hurts, it has severe and lasting health consequences too. Some of the side effects may cause potential damage to skin. However, sunburns can be prevented, treated and cured with a number of remedies, some of them readily available in your kitchen.

If you go out in the sun without applying sunscreen during the daylight hours, you are at the risk for sunburns. You can even get sunburns if it is overcast outside.

According to American Academy of dermatology, a lot of people do not understand the risk of getting sunburns on the overcast or a cloudy day when the sun isn’t shining brightly. Although, the effect of sun’s infrared rays are slightly less than other days but a sunburn can still be caused as sunlight gets scattered because of clouds, fog and other atmospheric conditions.

How Sunburn Is Caused?

When sun’s ultraviolet rays are incident on skin, they cause dilation of tiny blood vessels present on the dermis. It takes just a few minutes for the blood serum to seep into the skin tissues from the dilated vessels and distends the surface of dermis. The condition causes severe sunburns.

Effects of Sun Exposure

Other than temporary discomfort, sunburns can cause a number of skin problems. The skin may lose its elasticity forming wrinkles over skin. Sun exposed skin may also turn leathery and sometimes tiny red spots may also breakout. In case you have brown blotches or freckles on skin, they may become more prominent.

Some Vital Steps

Your summer outings should be fun and not something that brings to you painful memories of freckles, blistered and reddened skin that further gets worse with fever and migraine.

With the onset of summer, everyone likes to spend some lazy time in the sun. While topical medications and over-the-counter drugs can relieve the discomfort caused by sunburns, home remedies are easily available and provide not only effective but long-term results also. Home remedies can also be used without the fears of possible side effects that may occur by using prescription drugs.

Many people try hot shower in order to get rid of sunburn itching and also to prevent blistering. However, shower water comes with the force and it could cause pain on the sunburned area. You may rather cool your body by soaking yourself for a minimum of 20 minutes in a tub of cold water.

It will not only ease you, it will also provide the moisture to your dehydrated skin. You may also treat the sunburned area with moist tea bags, grated cucumber or grated potatoes. Below are the list of some more natural remedies that will not only help you in getting rid of the inflammation caused due to sun, they will also reduce the chances of getting sunburned.

Antioxidant-Rich Natural Foods Prevent Sunburn

Other than staying out of sun when the sun is at its peak, that is, between 10 AM to 2 PM, covering up when you go out in sun and wearing a sunscreen are some of the preventive measures that all people use to avoid sunburn. What people don’t do as a preventive measure against sunburn is consume antioxidant-rich foods that ensues natural protection against sunburns.

You must have essential nutrients like lycopene and Beta carotene on daily basis. Lycopene is available exclusively in tomatoes and Beta carotene can be found in dark colored fruits such as mangoes, apricots, carrots etc. If you cannot avoid staying out when the sun is at its peak, you must have minimum five servings of fruit daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Cucumber To Soothe Sunburned Skin

Cucumber not only has cooling properties, it is also quite effective in reducing inflammation and redness. You can simply cut a piece of a cucumber and place it over the sunburned skin. You may also use cucumber juice for the same.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to treat sunburned skin. Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining pH factor of the skin. Apple cider vinegar can also be used to draw out the heat from the area that has been sunburned. You simply need to apply Apple cider vinegar on the affected area. You may also mix some vinegar in your bathing water and bathe using the same.

Aloe-Yoghurt and Teabags for Natural Sunburn Relief

The combination of aloe and yoghurt has remarkable effect on sunburned skin. The zinc and Allantoin present in aloe-vera can aid in healing and regeneration of skin. You just need to mix yoghurt and aloe-vera gel in equal quantities and apply it on the sunburned area. Leave the preparation on the affected area for more than 20 minutes. After preparation has dried, you can rinse off the area with water.

Tannic acid which is one of the main constituents of tea bags has anti-inflammatory properties and it acts as an excellent remedy to alleviate puffiness and swelling around eyes. The same remedy also works well to reduce pain and swelling caused by sunburns.

You simply need to apply pre-soaked teabags over the area that has been affected by the sun and leave the teabags there for at least half an hour. In case the whole body has been affected, you can put 5 to 6 teabags in a tub that contains cool water and go for a relaxing bath.

These home remedies are excellent to treat mild to medium sunburns but if you have suffered serious sunburns, you must immediately seek medical advice from a trained medical practitioner and also discuss with him the additional manifestations like nausea, blisters, headache and fever that may have been caused due to sunburns.

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