How To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage » Tips To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage

How To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage » Tips To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage

How To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage » Tips To Nurture Freedom In Your MarriageThe word ‘freedom’ is synonymous with everything we do in our lives. The most common and in-practice definition of freedom is about doing things and living life independently on our own terms. The rule applies to every living form of life on this planet.

It is an interesting subject that how we grow as an independent individual from a single person to a married man or woman. The essence of freedom should remain the same throughout the journey. The life-story of a married couple makes us look at the subject of freedom in a unique and yet eloquently poised manner. The balance factor makes it essential for both of them to commit and stand for one another’s freedom values.

Married couples often face the situation and find the dilemma of ‘how to nurture freedom‘ as the most intriguing aspect. They know ‘part of the solution’ as freedom is undeniably crucial for their own existence as well. Their earnest desire is to take a neutral stand here. When a married person takes a decision on its own, it is not his or her decision alone.

There are two people involved here. There are two different entities involved in the decision-making process all the time. The legitimate definition of freedom is about making choices without depriving the other person of his or her basic rights. There is no such decision which is only going to affect one person and not the other. This makes it a challenging concept to maintain or nurture freedom in your marriage.

1. Respect Your Spouse’s Opinion:

There is nothing as effective as acknowledging and providing support to the decision taken by your spouse. It does not primarily mean that you should agree with everything that he or she has just said. The idea behind is to express your thoughts about a particular thing and make your intentions clear.

It is often witnessed that both the partners do not stand an agreement many times during the course of a day. You should be responsible enough to understand that it is not about denial but making one’s priorities clear in life. There is a beginning, a middle part and end to a conversation.

You would find comfortable space flowing in at some point during conversation when both of you would be ready to make few adjustments to accept the realities of life. The fun begins when you start realizing that you cannot change everything about the other person but still finds it possible at least to make a try and score an unlikely victory over here. You always have an opportunity to capitalize on the momentum and utilize it in the right way. There are few rules to be taken into consideration.

How To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage » Tips To Nurture Freedom In Your Marriage

(a) Never leave the room without reaching a conclusion (even if it was not moving an inch further).

(b) Never commit the blunder of closing the door loud out. The noise made is going to stay there for a long period.

(c) There is nothing called as ‘I don’t agree’ in relationships. In marriages, it is called as ‘We don’t see a point in it together’.

(d) Accept defeat and moral victory as two sides of the same coin.

2. Discuss And Never Deny The Urge To Talk:

We shall ask ourselves this question that why do we marry. Sometimes, we need to go back and stretch our imagination to infinity level to seek valuable information. The reason that an institution such as marriage came into existence and became popular because we are not complete and cannot find everything while working alone or living alone.

We all know that why do we get married. We cannot see ourselves without looking into the eyes of our partners. It is true that we cannot look at things and form a substantial opinion without somebody being there to tell us that how well we have been doing lately.

Never deny the urge to sit down and discuss about things that you are working on and others which are definitely not going to get improved without asking for some help. The spirit of freedom never makes us stubborn in nature. It appreciates the presence of the other person as precious as your own. It does not take lifetime of period to nurture freedom in your marriage when you know how to do it.

3. Maintain Space And Time When Requires:

There are several ways to nurture freedom in your marriage. The subject of dominance was never a part of it. The married couples have a lot to work and fight for together. It is good fight that we are talking about over here.

It is always fought to make the other person aware of his or her bad qualities. It becomes your responsibility to let the other person know about this. It is definitely not going to start another fight between you. However it should be done in the right way. You should maintain space and give it some time, whenever required.

Nobody would like to be shouted at all the time. You need to appreciate the fact that they listen to you in the first place. There is another thing which you should be readily prepared for. You should accept the outcome graciously. Sometimes, it is your moral support which proves to be a winning factor in the end.

4. Practice The Art Of Forgiveness:

There is a tremendous scope to nurture freedom in your marriage by focusing on the virtue of ‘forgiveness’. We all lose control and say things at times which we could have never said otherwise in our lives. This is the best possible technique to be discussed here. Although it is too big a thing to be practiced in daily life around however when tried you can experience life-changing benefits.

We all long for a blissful married life. It is the thought of freedom which you need to guarantee to your partner. It also brings a sense of trust and honesty towards one another. This is the best you can do to nurture freedom.

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