How to Organize Party Games for Your Kids Birth Day

How to Organize Party Games for Your Kids Birth Day

How to Organize Party Games for Your Kids Birth Day - Games for Kids Party - How to Choose Simple Party Games | Tips on - Find TipsParty Games

Birthday parties are always the exciting ones. It always gives a lot of memories and pleasure to us. A birth day party means a lot of fun. Along with the decorations and the mouth watering dishes you have to arrange a lot of games too. Party games are the most entertaining part of a birthday party.

Selecting the Game

While selecting games, make sure that you can manage the crowd very well. Choose simple games so that everybody can try their chance. It should include every kid. Make sure that you have enough space to play the game. .


1. Land and Water

Make a big circle on the floor and mark the inside as land and outside as water. Ask the kids to move into the circle. Tell them when you say land they have to stand inside the circle and water they have to jump out. Otherwise they will be out of the game. Start playing and change the words suddenly. Instead of land you can use bank and instead of water use the words like lake, pond, sea etc. This makes mistakes and they will be out. The remaining one will win.

2. Two Bodies on Three Legs

Mark a line at a distance and make pairs of kids. Tie their adjacent ankles with a rope. Ask the pairs to cover the distance till they reach the line. So that they will be running with two bodies and three legs. The pair that finishes first will be the winners.

3. Discoverer

Each kid will get a balloon and a felt tip pen here. They have to blow the balloons first and then draw the pictures of little men on it with a felt tip pen. The one who have greatest number of pictures will get the prize.

4. Hunting with the ball

Divide the kids in to two teams, one team will be hunters and the other one will be animals. The hunters will get a ball and they have to hit the animals with the ball. The animal that gets the shot will be out. If the animal catches the ball then the hunter will be out.

Games make people happy and active. This makes your party lively and your kid will be the happiest one.

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