How to Organize Wine Tasting Party

How to Organize Wine Tasting Party

How to Organize Wine Tasting Party - Host a Wine Tasting Party - Wine Tasting Party | Tips on - Find TipsA wine tasting party is a wonderful way of socializing. This gives you an opportunity to share with friends the different exquisite wine varieties. Proper planning is required to host an enjoyable wine party.

Number of guests

First, decide how many guests you would love to have. The number of guests would help you to determine, the size of your partying space, as well as the number of wine bottles you have to bring. If you primarily want to host a wine tasting party, about 15 people can share a single wine bottle. To have a peaceful party, don’t invite more than 15 or 16 guests. Larger number of guests might make your party merrier, but accommodating them would require spending more money in booking larger party venues. If you are organizing the wine tasting party away from your home, make sure that the venue has a restroom.

Party Theme

The next step is selecting the theme for your wine tasting party. Decide the type of wine you would like to serve. You can serve either red or white wine, or a specific wine varietal, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet. You can also serve wines from a specific region, such as Italy or California, or from a particular vineyard or winery.

Party items

Make sure that there are enough chairs and tables for your guests. There should be at least one big glass per person, keep reserve glasses for emergency needs. There should be enough plates, knives, forks, paper napkins. Cover the tables with paper tablecloth. Remember to keep at least two ice baskets. Keeping dump buckets are important. Some guests might prefer to sample a wine, spit it, before moving to the next varietal.

If a guest does not like a particular wine, he/she can conveniently spit it in the dumb buckets. Having at least one dumb bucket per guest is necessary in a wine tasting party. You should also keep a notepad and pen for each of your guest. After sampling each of the wine, they would note their comments. Offer your guests bread or cheese between wine sampling.

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