How to Pack Your Suitcase

How to Pack Your Suitcase

How to Pack Your Suitcase - Tips for Packing your Suitcase - Tips For Packing Your Clothing - Packing your Shoes | Tips on - Find TipsGoing on a trip can be lots of fun. Packing your suitcase can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know how to do it properly.

What You’ll Need

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are packing a suitcase is assuming that the only things they need are the suitcase and the items that will be going into the suitcase. Plastic storage bag and toiletry bags are two simple items that will make packing your suitcase a more enjoyable experience.


Make a list of all the items you will be need while you are away from home. Make sure that the list is close at hand while you’re packing your suitcase. Check off each item as you place it in your suitcase. This list will keep you from forgetting anything at home.

Before you start packing, you need to choose a place where you can lay out all of your items. The best place to do this is usually on your bed. All you have to do is clear off all extra items, like pillows, and make your bed. The bed will provide you with a large enough surface to lay out all of your outfits.

When you are selecting your clothing, try to make sure that all of your selections are neutral in color and that several of the items match. Doing this will decrease the amount of clothing you need to pack.

Tips For Packing Your Clothing

Place all of your clothing on your bed and start folding it. The best way to fold your shirts is to cross the sleeves over the torso and then fold the entire shirt in half. Press down on the shirts, this will remove any excess air from the material and create more room in your suitcase. Place the shirts on the bottom of your suitcase. Fold your pants and skirts in half and place them on top of your shirts. Placing empty plastic bags between each layer of clothing will help keep wrinkling to a minimum.

Packing Your Shoes

Once your clothing is packed in your suitcase, you need to pack your shoes. These should be packed so the heel of one shoe lines up with the toe of the other shoe. Place your shoes along the suitcase’s border.

Miscellaneous Items

Pack your toiletries and anything else you want to be able to get to in a hurry in your overnight bags. Keep your cosmetics in a sealed plastic baggy, as that will prevent them from ruining your other items in your luggage if they break or spill.

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