How to Pet a Dog

How to Pet a Dog

How to Pet a Dog - Tips to Pet a Dog - Ways to Approach a Dog - Body Language of Dog | Tips on - Find TipsAlthough they are called man’s best friend, many people are afraid to pet dogs. They have their own body language which many people do not know about and get bitten as a result. Here are a few tips on how to go about it and find a true friend.

Before petting look for signs which show that the dog does want to be petted. Do not attempt to pet a dog who has its tail between its legs or is growling at you. Let the dog sniff your hand before you touch it. Scratching its neck under its nose at first is less threatening than touching the top of their head. If you have just entered a house inquire if it is alright to pet the dog before you actually do so. Ask the owner where to pet it as some dogs do not like to be touched in certain parts or in a certain way.

Avoid surprises. When you touch them, especially if they are not familiar with you make sure that you do not make any sudden moves and shock them. A dog may bite if petted from the back as they will feel threatened. Move slowly at all times and speak to them in a soft calm voice.

Feeding the dog. Giving a dog something to eat can be the best way to approach them. Ask the owner if you can feed them before throwing various snacks at them as some dogs may be allergic to certain types of food or may be recovering from a certain illness.

Train your dog to accept being petted. Use the word “No” with a certain gesture of your hand every time they attempt to bite, even as part of their play. This way they learn that it is wrong to do so. Also train them to accept being petted without jumping and getting over excited if someone tries to pet them as most dogs are hungry for a touch.

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