How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women - Places To Meet Women - How To Meet Women » Picking Up WomenIf all you’re thinking about is how and where to pick up women and the discussion seems to be going nowhere no matter which buddies you choose to have it with (even those with dates, who probably hooked up via a dating service or by brow-beating their younger sis), think about whether you could have been looking in the wrong places, to begin with!

While most men think bars, clubs and other entertainment joints like theme parties, barbeques and cocktail events are great places for meeting women, they don’t seem to realize that most women look upon these as places they are likely to get ‘hit upon’ too – with less chances of anything serious developing. So, when women frequent these places and even seem to be having a good time there, don’t for a moment think they don’t know commitment is as far from your mind as, well, maybe, your avowals of something enduring. Women you meet at public party zones are keenly aware of the mystery and lure of one-night stands as much as you are and so keep away from taking you seriously for anything other than wild orgies.

If you want to effectively pick up women and have them stick around longer than the round of drinks you bought them (including the investment you hoped you made when you bought a couple for her dog-faced friend), then you’d be better off knowing the feminine defense-mechanism is up and running at such party zones; you’d do well to approach a woman in more friendly and less sexually overpowering surroundings.

For example, places where a woman won’t feel threatened or overpowered by the sense of something temporary and meaningless happening and can hold on to the possibility of an actual relationship developing, like at an amusement park, library, bookstore or even a super mall.

These kinds of places give you a chance to show off your personality and share common interests (she’s there isn’t she, so she’s got to be interested in a related product or service – get chatting, mate!) In between some soul sharing (which women love), over coffee or chocolate or both, load your witty one-liners and persuade her with humour to spend the rest of the day with you.

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