How to plan a Europe Cruise Trip

How to plan a Europe Cruise Trip

How to plan a Europe Cruise Trip - How to Select a Cruise - Cruise Vacation - Cruise Holidays | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are planning to spend your next vacation in Europe, consider watching the continent from the comfort of a cruise. Sea cruising along the coastline of Europe is a wonderful way of sightseeing, with maximum leisure and comfort and minimum hassle.

Select a cruise
The first step in going on a cruise vacation is to select the cruise that will take you to your preferred location. Several travel agencies specialize in cruise holidays. You can easily locate these agencies from their websites. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the Association of Mediterranean ports (Medcruise) and Cruise Baltic are some of the popular agencies that organize cruise trips in Europe. You can also design your own trip and sail on a private charter vessel.

Mediterranean cruise
The most popular cruising region is undoubtedly the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean cruise itineraries include trips along the islands and ports of Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Spain and Portugal. Short and long cruises to Greece ply throughout the year. You would visit the ancient churches, monasteries, castles, archaeological sites, museums and traditional villages of the Greek islands.

Several Greek and international lines operate along the Greek coastline. Cyprus is a popular departure points to the countries in the Mediterranean region. The Blue Voyages on the Turkish waters is a popular way of sightseeing on classic Turkish yachts. The boats sailing to the Turquoise Coast accommodates up to 12 passengers.

The idyllic coastal towns of Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria are worth exploring. The Dubrovnik and Trogir are UNESCO heritage sites on the Dalmatian Coast, where you can spend a day. Other popular places that you can visit on your Mediterranean cruise include Venice and Barcelona.

Baltic Sea cruise
The Baltic cruises will take you to the medieval and modern cities along the Baltic coast. The cruises operate from the ports of Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn and Copenhagen. Copenhagen has been recognized as Europe’s leading cruise ship destination in the World Travel Awards. Throughout your cruising trip, you will be greeted by the picturesque shallow lagoons, hills, inlets and beaches.

North Sea and Westward cruise
Cruising around Norway and Great Britain is a popular attraction. Luxurious ferryboats take you to some of the stunning islands of the region that are out of reach of land-based travelers.

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