How to Plan a Holiday

How to Plan a Holiday

How to Plan a Holiday - Planning a Holiday - How to Book a Ticket - How to Plan a Budget Holiday | Tips on - Find TipsThe thumb rule of holidaying is to plan it at the time when you get maximum pleasure out of least expenditure at your preferred location. It is never too early to plan a vacation, especially when you want to extract maximum mileage out of your budgeted bucks. Considering the ever increasing holiday seekers, last minute bargains are far and few, if at all. The best way is to make up your mind about when to go. Consult on the web. It is full of travel portals to help you.

There are hardly any web sites to compare fares or ‘consolidators’ that function like search engines and provide airfares, hotel room rates and car rentals under one roof, to make it easier for the holiday seeker.

Book your ticket now!

Do your own booking instead of relying on a travel agent. That brings down the cost. What have made air traveling cheaper are the present of low cost airlines, or say no-frills airlines, and the apex fares. Look around for the cheapest fare on offer for your planned destination on the sites of these low cost airlines. For shorter distances, train travel can also be a good mode of transport. It can be booked, sitting in the comfort of your home and ticket is delivered on your doorstep.

Get the best room rate

The trick is, never stop bargaining. If hotels are adamant on room tariff, ask for an extra night at the same cost. The hotel will oblige you, if they have no next day booking. Or else try to squeeze in lunch or dinner in it. Hotels also offer early bird discounts. Get your tickets well in advance to enjoy these benefits.

Freeze sight-seeing plans; book your vehicle in advance

Most hotels offer sight-seeing as a package deal. It works cheaper and time saving. Try to make the most out of non-peak season when room tariffs are available at low prices. Traveling on night flights also saves substantial amount of money. Plan your trip on weekdays.

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