How to Plan a Perfect Kitchen

How to Plan a Perfect Kitchen

How to Plan a Perfect Kitchen - Design Your Perfect Kitchen - Tips to Plan a Perfect Kitchen - Kitchen Appliance | Tips on - Find TipsPerfect Kitchen Guidelines

1. Walkways should be cleared from all objects
a. Doorways should be at least 32” wide and not more than 24” deep in the direction of travel.
b. When two counters flank a doorways entry, the minimum 32” wide clearance should be allowed from the point of one counter to the closet point of the opposite counter.
c. Walkways passages between vertical objects should be greater than 24” deep in the direction of travel where not more than one work counter or appliance should be there. At least 36” wide gap should be there even if there is an object.
d. If there are perpendicular walkways then it should be a minimum of 42” wide.

2. The Work Triangle
a. The work triangle should total 26” or less, with no single leg of the triangle shorter than 4” or longer than 9”. The work triangle should not intersect and island or peninsular by more than 12”. (The triangle is the shortest working distance between the refrigerator, primary cooking surface and primary food preparation sink, measured from the center front of each appliance.)
b. If two or more people cook simultaneously then a work triangle should be placed for each cook. One leg of the primary and secondary triangles may be shared but the two should not cross one another. Appliances may be shared or separate.
c. A square room can work for two people if a sink is added at the back of an island which also features the primary cook’s cook top. One cook moves from the refrigerator to the island sink, to the barbeque center while the second cook moves from the refrigerator, to the primary sink, to the cooking service.

3. Avoiding conflicts between the objects
a. No entry, appliances or cabinet doors should interfere with one another.
b. In an island configuration, an appliance or cabinet door on an island should not conflict with an appliance or cabinet door opposite it.
c. If there is a seating area then, 36” of clearance should be allowed from the counter table edge to any wall or obstruction behind.

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