How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day - Tips To Be Prepared For Your Wedding Day & Best Ways To Plan Your WeddingMarriages are certainly made in heaven, but they are undoubtedly solemnized on earth. Needless to say that it is a grand affair and can cause days of worry and endless nights of confusion and chaos.

There can be endless list of things to do and the time and the help available might not be enough to do it all. The best way is to be prepared for the unexpected. Read on to gather a few tips to prepare for your big day.

Relax and Calm Down

It’s absolutely understandable that a wedding can give us endless reasons to worry and fret. But the first step is to calm down. Only when you are relaxed, calm and composed, can you think better.

Make a List of Things to Do

To begin with, sit down and think elaborately and put down all the list of things to be done. Put down a comprehensive list and make sure your have included everything. Its best advised to start preparations well ahead of time so that you get adequate time to accomplish everything.

Plan the Budget

Before you start anything plan a budget. Needless to say that many unexpected expenses might come up and it will exceed the budget. Nevertheless make a list of everything and put down the expenses for it. So that you can keep an account of every penny spent.

Get Help / Allot Work

Once you have put down a list, get as many people to help as you can. Close friends and relatives can be a great help in such times. Gather all the people and delegate or allot work to them. Keep a tab on who does what and make another list with the names and responsibilities so that you can strike it off as and when it is completed.

Make Appointments

Make a list of all the things that require appointments. Call up and fix the dates so that you have everything ready as and when it is needed. Especially parlour appointments for bridal make-up, bridal costumes, mehendi, caterers, wedding halls,etc. All these things need pre-booking so make appointments and place orders and have everything ready on time. Once you have sorted this out, you can breathe free.

Make a Guest List

This is a very important step so start before time. Make sure you have put down the names of all the important guests. Make a comprehensive list after a lot of thinking and deciding. You obviously don’t want to leave out someone important and close to your family. It’s better to have a fixed number of guests in mind, so that you can modify and adjust the list based on your number.

Send out Invites

Invitations have to be sent early because the guests have to make required changes in their schedule to make themselves available for your big day. They also have to make necessary preparations to attend a wedding. So inform them earlier and save them the last minute confusion. So either mail invites or personally visit and invite them, whichever best suits your convenience.

Get Adequate Rest and Sleep

Being the bride can be a very difficult job. It can cause oodles of nervousness and tension. It is very important to rest adequately. Sleep well and get your hours of beauty sleep because obviously you do not want to look drained or have under-eye circles on your big day. Eat well, eat right and sleep adequately.

Follow a Proper Diet

Do not go on a starving diet. It can make you look drained and lifeless on the day. Instead plan a smart diet. Draw a chart and fill it with healthy food. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on your diet. You need all the strength you can get to finish the unending list of tasks.

Work out Sincerely

Months before the scheduled date, start exercising. It will help you to maintain and get in shape before the wedding. Go for morning walks, gym, and yoga. Yoga is very beneficial and helps you to calm your mind and body. Also include meditation in your daily schedule.

Skin care / Hair Treatment

Do not go in for excessive beauty treatments at the parlour. Most of them use chemical products. If you are allergic to a particular ingredient and if accidently you use it, then it can affect your skin and it’s an absolute no during the time of the wedding. So instead go in for home remedies or ayurvedic or herbal treatments. Go in for a good facial few days before the wedding. Similarly take good care of your hair. It should look nothing short of perfect on your special day.

Go in for a Trial Session

A few days before the big day, go in for a trial session. Try out the wedding dress and the make-up and hair-do. It helps a great deal. It will help avoid all the last minute chaos that take place when we find things not appropriate or done to our liking. So do everything before time and you know your day will be done to perfection.

Be Happy

Do not worry unnecessarily for trivial things. It can be very unnerving and irritating, but maintain your cool at most times. It will help you to think better and to think straight. Be happy and it will radiate on your face.

Spend Time with People who Matter

Spend adequate time with people who matter and people who make you happy. Do not bother about those who keep offending you. They are not worth your time. Spend good time with family and friends because you will cherish these moments once you move away from this life and start a new beginning.

These are some simple tips you can try out to make sure everything goes smooth for your big day. It’s very important to give yourself the required rest and sleep, so start working before time so that everything is done and ready in time for the wedding. It is a time to rejoice and have fun. Make it a memorable experience for you and everyone around you.

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