How to Prevent a Suicide

How to Prevent a Suicide

How to Prevent a Suicide - Symptoms of Suicide - Depression and Suicide - Identify Suicidal Tendencies » How to Identify Suicidal Tendencies in a PersonThere are growing numbers of suicide cases world wide. Newspapers are filled with such news and you often hear people discussing increasing suicide incidents in social gatherings.

But is there anything you can do to prevent a person from committing suicide? The answer to this question is yes as there are ways by which you can identify suicidal tendencies in a person and thus take a timely preventive action.

A person does not think about suicide in one moment and commit in the very next moment. There is a gradual formation of suicidal tendencies in a person before the person actually commits suicide.

Thus, if you can identify such symptoms, then you can probably save the person and council him to lead a happy life.

Depression is a major trigger that leads to suicides and a growing number of depression cases in today’s world are a result of ‘inner hollowness’ that every modern man seems to face.

People have become so busy with their materialistic life that they have become alienated not only from others but also from their real self. This in turn makes the inner life of a person hollow and over a period of time it leads to depression.

Thus, if you find a person reserved, aloof and isolated from the world, then you must pay extra attention towards him. After all, such people don’t share their sorrows and worries with others and tend to develop suicidal tendencies. Social withdrawal is thus one important symptom to watch out for.

A person who has experienced a traumatic event in his life should not be left alone. Instead, that person should be counseled so that he can face the world bravely rather than running away from life.

You can also find out if a person is facing some emotional turmoil through his overall looks. If a person seems to pay no attention to his dressing and hygiene and if he seems to be lost in his own world, then these symptoms might be indicative of suicidal tendencies in a person.

You should thus pay close attention to your near and dear one’s attitude, appearance, and outlook towards life so that you can detect suicidal tendencies in time and prevent the person from committing suicide.

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