How to Prevent Arthritis

How to Prevent Arthritis

How to Prevent Arthritis - Exercises for Arthritis - Diet and Arthritis - Risks of Arthritis » How to Lower Arthritis RiskThere are many women who complain of arthritis and its associated pain and discomfort. However, arthritis is a problem which can be prevented and this article will provide some tips that can help you lower your risk of arthritis.

Did you know that smoking increases your chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis and it also puts you at a risk of various other medical complications? Quitting smoking is thus one of the most important preventive steps that will help you lead a healthy and a happy life.

Just like smoking, excessive drinking too puts you at a higher risk of arthritis. Thus, you must drink in moderation.

Strong muscles and strong joints and bones will help in preventing the problem of arthritis. This in turn requires regular exercises and healthy eating habits.

You must indulge in exercises that help in strengthening your muscles and joints. Stretching exercises and low impact aerobics are also beneficial.

In addition, have a well balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients to your joints and body. There are certain food items that can help in reducing your arthritis risk.

Olive oil is beneficial due to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Having fresh fruits and vegetables also help in providing your body with the required antioxidants.

If you are overweight, then you tend to put extra weight and stress on your knees, making them weak and vulnerable. You thus need to keep your weight under control so that your knees and joints do not come under stress.

The kind of job you are in also has an important role in deciding your risk to arthritis. It has been found that people whose job demands them to stand for prolonged period or indulge in repetitive movements of their muscles are at a higher risk of arthritis.You should thus take necessary preventive steps.
Follow the above given tips to prevent the problem of arthritis.

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