How to Prevent Hangnails

How to Prevent Hangnails

How to Prevent Hangnails - Prevent Hangnails - Problem Of Hangnails - Infected Hangnails » How to Prevent HangnailsThe small dead skin protrusions at the side of the nails can not only hamper your beauty, but can also lead to a lot of pain as they catch on almost everything including clothes and hair thereby producing stabbing pain. While hangnails can be uncomfortable and troublesome, even those who do not experience pain feel uncomfortable with it due to its unattractive appearance. By following simple basic hygienic alterations in one’s routine, one can get rid of these undesirable and bothersome hangnails which can also become painful over a period of time.

Hangnails are more common with people with dry skin and with people who have their hands in water for a long period of time. In addition, people who bite their nails consistently are at a higher risk of developing this irritable problem of hangnails. The best way to prevent this problem from growing further is by clipping hangnails early on in their life cycles. Before clipping, one should soak one’s nails in water to soften the hangnails. However, one should not take unnecessary risk of clipping hangnails in sensitive areas or when they are hard and firm. One should strictly avoid biting hangnails as they can lead to deep cuts which can get infected and swollen.

Since hangnails are caused due to dryness in one’s skin and cuticles, the best way to prevent this problem is by increasing one’s intake of water to prevent dehydration of the body. In addition, one should regularly apply moisturizers in one’s hands and fingers so as to prevent dryness which is the root cause for the development of hangnails. Rubbing of olive oil or safflower oil in one’s cuticle can help prevent hangnails and other dryness related problems. An act of pampering oneself through manicures can also prove to be beneficial in the prevention of this problem. Since prevention is any day better than cure, one should devote some time for the health and well being of our nails to live a happy and a healthy life.

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